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The Weekender Brings the “Usual Suspects,” Trash, Crime and Dogs

This weekly compilation of the most popular posts on NorthEndWaterfront.com is crafted every weekend just for you. This week, some of the North End ‘hot buttons’ were a topic of conversation, pertaining to trash, crime, and dogs in the Gassy. Also, be sure to catch up on some local business success and some North End History at Baker’s Alley!

Top Posts This Week:

Picked through trash on the street
Picked through trash on the street (Photo by “BD” and “MD”)

Fed Up with Trash Pickers and Crime in the North End

Two people were digging through the trash leaving garbage strewn all over the sidewalk. It’s not just the mess these people caused that troubles this North End resident, it is the thought that these people are digging through the trash with hopes of finding papers with personal information – be sure to read this frightening story and take note. View Post

The Gassy (Flights) as a Dog Park?

With dog’s seeming to invade public parks intended for children, read this interesting take on a possible dog park in the Gassy, separate from the playground and courts. Are the health implications and other risks to the dog worth making a dog park? View Post

Wicked Good Cupcakes Celebrates a Year After Shark Tank

Marking their one year anniversary since being on Shark Tank, Wicked Good Cupcakes, the company has grown by 600% in the last 12 months after accepting a royalty deal from O’Leary Ventures. Founded by North End resident, Tracey Noonan, the shop is located in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. View Post

Photo by Conor Finley
Photo by Conor Finley

North End Hidden Places: Baker’s Alley

Many North Enders may not know where the first bakery was located in the neighborhood. Baker’s Alley is where it all started, right across from Quincy Court, off of North Street, just to the right of where Limoncello Restaurant is today. See photos of the alley then, and now. View Post

Two Arrested for Package Theft and Break-ins; Public Safety Meeting Report

A report of the North End public safety meeting to address crime in the neighborhood and other policing issues that have an effect on the quality of life in the neighborhood. Missing a package that was set to be delivered? Two young North End males were caught and arrested on Parmenter Street and believed to be responsible for stealing packages as well as the breaking & entering incidents on North Street. Read More

Editor’s Pick:

Downtown View Logo 2Downtown View: Tribulations From Trash

While Karen appreciates the Boston Shines initiative and other clean up incentives, hear why she thinks this is insignificant over the long run. Also read her view on the progress of the new trash pickup policy that is currently “out to bid,” according to City Hall. View Post 

We hope you’re all caught up, enjoy the weekend!