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Notable News: Nolle Prosequi, Lantern Lighting, 2-Way Parking Complaints, Historic Preservation, Rents Down?

Served up like a Moscow Mule in a copper mug are these notable news items that we found from alternative sources covering various North End issues.

Ross Currier (L) walks with his attorney Thomas Merrigan after speaking  to media  on Wednesday, April 09, 2014 at The Edward Brooke Courthouse.  Staff photo by Patrick Whittemore.
Ross Currier (L) the former suspect of a North End sexual assault. Photo by Patrick Whittemore.

Full Court Press: ‘Nolle’ process feels inadequate to innocent

Ross Currier, the 26-year-old North End resident who was wrongly accused of a North End sexual assault was given “nolle prosequi” by Suffolk County prosecutors, essentially saying that the District Attorney’s office is not letting you off the hook, but not pursuing charges at the moment. Continue reading at  The Boston Herald.

April 21,2014- Lighting The Lanterns…

Complete coverage of the historical Old North Church on Salem Street in the North End. This historical implications are discussed along with celebratory events of the legendary night of Paul Revere’s “midnight ride” are joined with photos and more from the festivities. Read more at, Rainy Day Magazine.

Boston is One of the Best Cities for Pizza in America, According to this List

While Boston is no New York City, or Chicago, having two authentic Neapolitan pizzerias, wood-fired ovens, and charcoal ovens, it certainly doesn’t fall short in the Pizza department. In fact, a blog post on the Huffington Post listed America’s top seven cities for pizza – with Boston coming in at number seven. Read more details about the pizza and the list at, BostInno.

At Ward 8, a drink called the Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug that gets stolen quite a bit. JOHN TLUMACKI/GLOBE STAFF
The Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug that often gets stolen. JOHN TLUMACKI/GLOBE STAFF

At the bar, they’re taking more than a drink

A common theme throughout bars with their fancy glassware – all sorts of cups, glasses, and mugs are being swept away by customers. Ward 8’s bar manager Mike Wyatt admits that it’s cool that people want to take something from the bar with them. At Ward 8, Wyatt thought customers would steal the kitschy coconut-shaped mugs used for a drink called the Pain Killer. But no, customers take the copper mugs used for a drink called the Moscow Mule. Read more at, The Boston Globe.

A citizen complains and the city complains right back 

A constant issue in the North End neighborhood is parking, and this goes for everyone – not just residents.  Hear what a concerned citizen had to say about a truck being towed on Commercial Street and read how the city fired back with a stern rebuttal, don’t miss at UniversalHub.

One Day in Boston

Check out this video montage of Boston, covering much of the North End / Waterfront neighborhoods. The footage was taken from a remote control drone, watch at Vimeo.

Nick DeLuca - Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of BostInno, Nick DeLuca – Staff Writer

Mayor Walsh to Celebrate Boston Preservation with Month-Long Citywide Event Series

Mayor Marty Walsh will be promoting National Historic Preservation Month in the City of Boston through a plethora of city tours, talks, and exhibits that peer into Boston’s storied past. The Mayor hopes that residents and visitors take advantage of the programming while promoting the city’s  architecture, archaeology, and neighborhoods. Read more at BostInno.

Survey: New inventory pushing Boston apartment rents down

According to a new report from CoStar Group, the competition from several downtown luxury properties is putting downward pressure on prices in particular “hub” neighborhoods. Read how the variety of prices between different neighborhoods is having an impact on rent prices, at Boston Business Journal.

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  1. “Currier and his parents had a sit-down with Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley and his staff, but they declined to seek a dismissal with prejudice.”

    So the next time Conley’s name appears on the ballot, let’s see how the North End votes. My guess is people will forget about this case and he will carry the North End in a landslide…it’s a shame. Vote this guy out!

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