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Needle Watch on Richmond Street

A reader reports multiple sightings this week of drug needles on Richmond Street. The needles are often left on the strip of grass between the side of the Callahan Tunnel building and the dog run. The needles in the photos were found in that area, adjacent to a residential building on Richmond Street.

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  1. This has recently become a big issue in this blog. Personally, I have never come across a needle, but then again I haven’t been looking for anything like that. Is this a recent issue or something that has been going on for quite some time and now is finally being brought to the forefront?

  2. It has been an issue for a long time. People just seem to be noticing it more and taking pictures and commenting on it. Nobody should ever pick them up.

    1. 3-4 pm on Saturday, walking down Stillman St towards North Margin, 2 guys sitting in a silver sedan in broad daylight shooting up in the front seat. I walked by later in the evening and there was a used needle right outside where the car was. Disgusting.

      1. Should have snapped a picture of the plate and called the cops. I have no patience whatsoever with heroin and other injectable drugs. That’s a pretty big line to cross in your life, and you need some sort of professional help to get out.

    2. I understand the concern for not picking up used needles BUT what do you do leave them in the streets for kids to pick up or someone to step on and get jabbed with a dirty needle. Only answer I can think of is to wear gloves and break the needles in half so they can’t be re-used by anyone and trash them.

      1. Do not pick them up even with gloves or try to break them in half. Call the Mayors hotline 617-635-4500 and report the location.

  3. Please-if one is to respect universal precautions you shouldn’t touch them. However there is on near the electric building on North Street-I admit I just left it there. Is there a procedure to follow or number to call?

    1. You can start by calling the Mayor’s Hot Line at 617-635-4500. They will tell you to call the police if that is the procedure or transfer you to the correct department.
      @David Marx….can you find out from the Area A-1 crew and maybe get a handout on what to do if you find a needle for the May PSM?

  4. I just emailed Officer Boyle about this issue and hope to have pertinent info to disseminate for the May Public Safety Meeting.

    -David Marx-
    NEWNC Public Safety Committee Chair

  5. This is becoming such a problem and I often see young men circling Salem and prince street. Would the city possible put up cameras in problem areas for the safety of local children?

  6. They are selling drugs. See it all the time. They must think we are stupid that we don’t know what they are doing. Really all over this neighborhood! SAD…

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