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Good Neighbor Award Presented to Joan Murphy at Columbus Park

The Good Neighbor Recognition Award for March 2014 was given to Joan Murphy for her work at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. The award was presented by NEWRA Recognition Committee Chair Janet Gilardi on behalf of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).

Joan volunteers her time in Columbus Park almost every day using her metal gripper and scraper to gather trash in the morning. She’s often seen with rubber gloves and boots, sporting her blue FOCCP jacket carrying a trash bag. Last weekend, she was anxious to get out there after some type of a party or gathering left lots of trash behind.

The monthly Good Neighbor Recognition Award is voted by NEWRA’s Executive Committee and given to local businesses, organizations and property owners that consistently keep the areas around their property clean of trash and debris.

See previous winners of the NEWRA Clean Streets Good Neighbor Recognition Award.

6 Replies to “Good Neighbor Award Presented to Joan Murphy at Columbus Park

    1. Let’s give credit and recognition to the person who gives 110 percent to many community affairs.
      Thank you Janet Gilardi for attending so many meetings, phoning city officials for serious matters in the North End. You fight for rat control, illegal disposal of trash and so much more!
      We love you and thank you. You are a treasure and blessing to all of us who love and call the North End home.

  1. Thanks, Joan! I always enjoy my morning route through Columbus Park. I’ve seen you at work on number of occasions; thanks for making our home a lovely place!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to Joan. An award well-deserved for a volunteer who chose the spot where she would be most effective in the pursuit of the maintenance and upkeep of our beloved Christopher Columbus Park. She is a treasured member. Be sure to say “Hello” to Joan, if you get out there early enough in the morning.
    Thanks for posting, Matt. We all know what a treasure Joan is.

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