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Notable News Found Elsewhere: Neighborhood Groups on Government Center Garage, Tenoch Review, Dine Out Boston and More

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association isn’t the only neighborhood group that has concerns over the Government Center Garage project. See what the Beacon Hill Civic Association and the West End Civic Association also question about the proposal. Get your history fix with a comic take on a historical version of a speech by former Hanover Street resident Joseph Warren on March 8th, 1775, concerning the Boston Massacre Oration. The North End neighborhood acquired some diversity with food as Tenoch Mexican has opened on Lewis Street, adding something new and different to the predominantly Italian section of the city. As 2014 Dine Out Boston creeps closer, get Boston Eater’s take on some special dishes, price breakdowns, and their recommendations on deals to take advantage of! 

Civic Groups Unite to Voice Concerns over Proposed Redevelopment of the Government Center Garage

In an 11-page letter to the Secretary of the state’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Beacon Hill Civic Association, the West End Civic Association and the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association formally voiced their concerns of the proposed redevelopment of the Government Center Garage. Concerns included the apparent lack of comprehensive traffic and transit planning, negative affect on air quality, and many more. Continue Reading at the, Beacon Hill Times.

Photo by Lane Turner, BOSTON GLOBE STAFF
Photo by Lane Turner, BOSTON GLOBE STAFF

Tenoch brings Mexican food to the North End

Don’t miss this full review of Tenoch Mexican, one of the North End neighborhoods newest additions. Whether its tacos, salsa roja, or the abundance of hungry co-workers that have been piling in at lunchtime, this unique addition to the neighborhood has been funneling people in for their unique Mexican vibe and menu in an area where you’d least expect it. Continue reading at, The Boston Globe.

Dine Out Boston, by Boston Eater

Get the breakdown for 2014 Dine Out Boston, the reconditioned version of Restaurant Week that has put a new spin to savings and varieties at quality Boston restaurants. Whether you’re looking for lunch or dinner, see what restaurant features catch your eye, whether it’s for the price, food, or special offers!

  • Analyzing Dine Out Boston, Part 1: $15 Lunches: Looking for a cheap lunch? See why Boston Eater is calling the North End’s Ristorante Villa Francesca one of the Best Bets of restaurants offering great lunches at a bargain price. With savings of around $5-$16 with 17 options, including many pasta dishes.
  • Analyzing Dine Out Boston, Part 2: $20 Lunches: The North End / Waterfront loads up the listings of Best Bets within lunches of this price range. With Strega Waterfront, along with the North End’s Trattoria Il Panino, Quattro, and Strega, there is something for everyone.
  • Analyzing Dine Out Boston, Part 3: $25 Lunches: The Waterfront is represented by Aragosta and Miel, both featuring some special ad ons and huge savings. Also included on the list are two North End restaurants, Cantina Italiana, and Ristorante Fiore.
  • Analyzing Dine Out Boston, Part 4: $28 Dinners: Two restaurants from the North End / Waterfront not only making the list, but putting in 2 of the 7 Best Bets for the $28 dollar dinners. Ristorante Villa Francesca in the North End, featuring a great representation of their real menu. The Rowes Wharf Sea Grille on the Waterfront is featuring savings up to about $33 on their filet mignon.

Dr. Warren covers the brandished musket balls, by Lora Innes, courtesy of
Joseph Warren covers the brandished musket balls, cartoon by Lora Innes, courtesy of drjosephwarren.com

Your Deadly British Balls Don’t Intimidate Me

Lora Innes, a writer and modern web comic artist shows the dramatic incident related to the 1775 Boston Massacre Oration and the historical fiction The Dreamer. In early version’s of the story, speaker Joseph Warren ignored a threatening gesture from a British soldier. Later versions depict Warren tossing a white handkerchief over the officer’s handful of musket balls, symbolizing peaceful intent and purity. Take a look at the modern cartoons at, www.drjosephwarren.com.


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