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  1. Like he really cares and they are all ciry cars if that was my car it would of been towed one minute after the parking banne started please u should know better then to make this a story is it slow in the north end tonight no fught no parties going on no apts being robed cant be like the good old days safe good luck talking to marty because i am having a hard time talking to him myself

  2. This is Boston where the motto is do as I say not as I do.i see cops texting & blabbing on a phone while driving all the time & they never use a turn signal.

  3. Years ago the snow was picked up & put on trucks & removed, and now the EPA claims this cannot
    be done due to the rock salt. The last 2 years I have heard that the Seaport Area removed the
    snow, but I don’t know where the snow is placed. I am also informed that in the private sector
    there are trucks that pick the snow up & place it in a truck which melts the snow and places the
    melted snow in the sewers, which I think is a great idea. What I want to know is why isn’t the
    City taking on this system? I don’t want to hear they can’t afford it, because that is an out & out
    lie. The Seaport is a wide open area, the North End on the other hand, is a very small congested
    area, and if the snow has to be removed, it should definitely be in the North End, Beacon Hill,
    South End, Back Bay & any other part of the City which is heavily congested to make life easier
    on the Residents & the Fire Dept. as well. Where there is a Will there is always a Way.

    1. The snow melting system is used in the Longwood medical area. You can never tell by looking at the sidewalks that here had been a snow storm.

  4. years ago they picked up the snow and put it in the playgrounds and baseball fields. they also dumped it in the ocean. not putting it in the ocean i can understand. can cause icebergs, but why not the playgrounds. we had a ball with the snow back then. my guess the word lawsuit came up. the landlords clean the sidewalks only to have the people cleaning off their cars throwing it back on the sidewalk because they’re afraid to throw it in the street. some cities have snow lots. vacant space surrounded by fences so no one can get in and get hurt. with all the vacant space around the city, why not take the snow and dump it there.

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