The Latest & Greatest Brings City Development and a New Mayor

The neighborhood is overseeing some serious overhaul throughout the area when it comes to leadership, development planning and construction. Despite the typical Halloween pranks, the Sox are World Champs and Fall is certainly here to stay. Catch up on Election Day information and be sure to catch the post about the Lovejoy Wharf Project.

Pumpkin Smash on New Basketball Court
Check out this photo submitted showing the newly upgraded Polcari Playground basketball court. Pictured are the scenes of what were multiple occurrences in where pumpkins were smashed on the court, and one even placed inside of the hoop.
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Stop Work Order Issued at Hanover Street 7-Eleven Under Construction
A Stop Work order has been issued from the City for “exceeding the terms” of the building permit set for the controversial 7-Eleven that is moving in the old White Hen Pantry on Hanover Street. Complaints about late night work activity and fire alarm violations. Read More

Pictured: the Stop Work Order issued by the City at the new 7-eleven on Hanover Street. NEWF Photo
Pictured: the Stop Work Order issued by the City at the new 7-eleven on Hanover Street. (NEWF Photo)

Renderings: 124-126 Salem Street Building to Replace Parking Lot
An informational presentation was made at last week’s North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee meeting, discussing the proposed building on the existing surface parking lot at 124-126 Salem Street. .
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Lovejoy Wharf Project Proposes to Eliminate Parking and Change From Rentals to Condos (Meeting Video)
Be sure to read about the Lovejoy Wharf Project which Proposes to Eliminate Parking and Change From Rentals to Condos. The video of the meeting walks you through the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s proposed changes to the previously approved Lovejoy Wharf Project. Read More

Photo Gallery: Red Sox Streets on Rally Day
Matt Conti was able to get great photos of residents and fans coming and going on the streets during the Red Sox Rolling Rally! A day full of action celebrating the Red Sox 2013 World Series Victory.  View Post

Editors Picks:

Be sure to check out some photos of the scene around the North End on election day, and all the election results. John Connolly swayed the neighborhood, but in the end it was Marty Walsh who pulled through the win the city majority vote. Catch up with anything and everything you might have missed on election day!

Marty Walsh Is Boston’s Next Mayor; Sal LaMattina Re-Elected as District 1 City Councilor
Eection night results.

North End Favored John Connolly in Mayoral Election
The numbers are broken down for the North End vote.

Election Day Scenes From the North End
Photos from all three polling locations in the north end on last Tuesday’s election day.

Photos: Mayor-Elect Walsh Visits Mayor Menino at Boston City Hall
The big first meeting.