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Election Day Scenes From the North End

All three polling locations in the North End were packed the morning of the Boston Mayoral Election. Voters were waiting in line by 7am, right at the start of the election doors opening. Sign holders and supporters gathered their winter jackets, hats, and coffee mugs awaiting the warm sun to rise. If you haven’t already voted, the polls are open until 8pm tonight! If you need your voting location, Click Here.

Have photos? Send us your photos of polls throughout the day.

Knights of Columbus – 41 North Margin Street (Ward 3 – Precinct 4) When the polls opened at 7am sharp, the line was already to the door of the building with voters anxiously awaiting their ballot.

Voters lined up at 7am in the Knights of Columbus. Photo by Conor Finley
North Ender Matt Bamonte greeting voters. Photo by Conor Finley
Representative Aaron Michlewitz drops by with refreshments for the poll workers. Michlewitz is with his Chief of Staff, Blake Webber. Photo by Conor Finley


The Nazzaro Center – 30 North Bennett Street (Ward 3 – Precinct 3) Voters were coming from all angles into the Nazzaro center to cast their vote.  As the sun began to rise, people were consistently flowing into the building throughout the morning.

Signs outside of the Nazzaro Center. Photo by Conor Finley
Voters walking in. Photo by Conor Finley


Christopher Columbus Apartments, 145 Commercial Street(Ward 3 – Precinct 1) Voter turnout was high at this polling location, with a steady stream of voters racing into the building, the line never seemed to die down between the hours of 7am – 10am.

Louis Strazzulo, accompanies the polls on Commercial Street. Photo by Conor Finley
Voters lined up inside Christopher Columbus Apartments. Photo by Conor Finley
Voters were greeted by a large crowd of supporters. Photo by Conor Finley