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Renderings: 124-126 Salem Street Building to Replace Parking Lot

The neighborhood had its first look at the proposed new building on the existing surface parking lot at 124-126 Salem Street. The informational presentation was made at last week’s meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee.

Owner Colin Yip, represented by Attorney Daniel Toscano and an architectural team presented renderings and design features as part of a zoning relief application to construct a 5-story building (55′ high) with 9 condominium units (including 4 studios), 4 parking spaces (one possible Zipcar) and space for ground floor retail.

Some units will have narrow recessed balconies and the building will sport an ornamental wrought iron front facing. The building will include sprinklers, elevator and an interior trash chute / dumpster. Access to parking will be from Salem Street where an existing curb cut exists. Abutters have been negotiating regarding blocked windows and the proponents said that all surrounding properties are in support of the project. Mr. Yip said he plans to reside at the property. The proposed renderings below should be considered preliminary and subject to change.

16 Replies to “Renderings: 124-126 Salem Street Building to Replace Parking Lot

  1. I agree with Salem Street Guy about the facade material. I’d like to see more detailed images and have the developer bring the actual material to community meetings.

    1. Joyce, the parking spaces are located on the ground level of the building and access is from Salem Street through the ornate garage gate. The entrance is shown in the last, street-level rendering.

  2. I agree with Salem Street Guy. Looks like theirs to much going on outside of the building, looks out of place with
    the rest of the buildings on the street. Maybe at one of the meetings someone can change their minds and come up
    with something different.

  3. Looks cool, fills in the “missing tooth” of the street wall and adds smartly to an ever improving Salem Street, and it beats a private parking lot any day! It’s the right height, the right depth, and it fits the context of our neighborhood.

  4. It looks like the fire escapes would not be in front of the the abutting building rather than on the side…so they have moved them?

  5. Façade is unattractive and much too busy for a narrow street like Salem. Buildings should compliment each other and fit in nicely to the North End. This façade is just too busy and unattractive for this neighborhood.

    1. It is different. But, different is ok. The Battery Wharf Buildings certainly don’t match the other properties on the waterfront and I think we’re all doing just fine.

  6. The zipcar sounds like a good idea in an initial presentation, but l tried negotiating with them for one zipcar in my building. Their requirement and contracts require two spots per location. Things may have changed but it is something to be aware of.

  7. Easy for us to sit back and criticize. I am sure that the architects worked tirelessly on the design.
    Little by little, everything will come together, and that the building will enhance Salem Street’s appearance.

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