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Jimmy Gannon Receives Good Neighbor Award

Jimmy Gannon was recently presented with the Good Neighbor Recognition Award for his efforts in keeping the North End neighborhood clean.

Jimmy Gannon has been a North End resident for 50 years. In selecting Gannon for the good neighbor award, recognition chair Janet Gilardi said:

“He may not have been born here, but, his heart was certainly planted here, and grew and grew and grew! He is an individual that one would call the best all around good guy! His property line is the largest I’ve ever seen. When giving this award, I realize he cares for at least double than any other resident. Congratulations Mr. Gannon, well deserved!”

The monthly Good Neighbor award is voted by NEWRA’s Executive Committee and presented to local businesses, organizations and property owners that contribute to making our neighborhood beautiful and consistently keep the areas around their property clean of trash.

See previous winners of the NEWRA Clean Streets Good Neighbor Recognition Award.

3 Replies to “Jimmy Gannon Receives Good Neighbor Award

  1. Jimmy’s been a great neighbor for sixty years. It’s a wonderful story how a kid from Brighton moved to the North End, found the love of his life and became a true North Ender.

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