Boston Transportation Commissioner Addresses North End Parking Issues at Neighborhood Council Meeting [Video]


The Parking and Traffic Committee of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) hosted Thomas Tinlin, Commissioner of the Boston Transportation Department to discuss parking and transportation issues in the neighborhood. Committee Chair, Ryan Kenny, presented several issues that were addressed by the BTD Commissioner.

The complete video of the discussion is embedded above. Particular subjects discussed at the November 13, 2013 meeting are summarized below.

  • Resident ParkingThere are approximately 4,000 resident stickers issued for about 1,500 resident parking spots in the North End. One recent change is that “Resident Exempt” decals have been added to visitor parking signs on some North End streets.  (10:00 in video)
  • Confusing and Incorrect Signage – Can signs be simplified and made more understandable? The Commissioner explained some of the regulatory constraints but offered to partner on a pilot program to experiment with alternate solutions especially for “Christmas Tree” parking signs. (12:00  and later around 35:00 in video)
  • Skating rink parking on sidewalk along Commercial Street – This is State property managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Commissioner Tinlin has contacted DCR Commissioner Murray about the problem. BTD has now also be given permission by DCR to tag and tow vehicles at the rink. (15:40 in video)
  • Fraudulent Handicap Parking and Placard Abuse – Commissioner Tinlin talked about the enforcement challenges and upcoming responses from City Hall. The link to report abuse is shown below. (16:30 in video)

[button link=”” size=”medium”]Click To Report Fraudulent Handicap Parking Abuse[/button]

  • Basketball court and Nazzaro Center parking – Much of this issue has been resolved through the recent installation of bollards. (18:40 in video)
  • Parking enforcement on Sundays. BTD does not write tickets on Sundays. Boston Police have authority to issue tickets as needed. After the meeting, the Commissioner spoke with BPD Captain Hasson regarding Sunday resident parking enforcement. (22:00 in video)
  • Commercial Vehicles – NEWNC raised the issue of taking resident spots for commercial loading zones. The most recent example discussed is at Regina Pizzeria on Thacher Street. (23:30 in video)
  • Eliot School Parking Lot at 585 Commercial Street (32:15 in video)
  • Temporary taped moving and event signs on poles are not removed. (38:00 in video)
  • Hazardous Material Trucks – Enforcing the daytime ban and expanding it to 24 hours. (50:35 in video)
  • Valet Parking Issues (53:30 in video)

NEWNC’s slide presentation is shown below from the meeting.