The Latest & Greatest Brings Arrests and More Trash Issues

As we look back on some of the articles over the past week, there is no doubt it was a wild one. A loud party results in multiple arrests, shops are leaving Cross Street Plaza and the usual trash suspects. No matter how bad your week has been, take a few minutes to check out some of the stuff you may have missed. 

Top Posts This Week:

Three Arrested for Assaulting Police, Urinating, Throwing Beer and Lit Cigarettes From 4th Floor Fire Escape on Hanover Street

Some serious boozing on Hanover Street resulted in three people getting arrested. Friendly advice: when police come to your door, it is probably the best idea to not urinate on them or throw lit cigarettes at them, just some food for thought. See the post to read more 

Commentary: Real Estate Agents Must Protect the Essence of the North End

Concerns about real estate agents in the North End not protecting the reputation of this neighborhood. The North End prides itself on being a community that has residents who care deeply about this neighborhood, its reputation, and each other. See the post to read more

DePasquales pasta shoppe moving by adam castiglioni
DePasquale’s pasta shoppe is moving

DePasquale’s Homemade Pasta Shoppe is Latest Tenant Leaving Cross Street Plaza

DePasquale’s Homemade Pasta Shop is moving to 241 Hanover Street next to Bricco Panetteria. The new spot will feature an expanded product lineup and be renamed the Bricco Salumeria and Pasta Shoppe. The pasta shop departure nearly completes the turnover of the original tenants along the Freedom Trail and Greenway location formerly occupied by Martignetti Liquors. Read more here 

Trending: North End Real Estate Sales and Price Per Square Foot

Click link to view more photos taken last week.

Be sure to check out these charts on the North End real estate trends since 2007. Sales in the North End are at the highest level and the price per square foot continued to surge this year.  See post for details on North End real estate 

Alert: Thursday is Not a Trash Day

Several photos of trash put out on the streets on a non trash pickup day. Photos from Thursday November 7th, a petition is being circulated to try and aid this issue. See more about these trash sightings

Editor’s Picks:

New District A-1 Police Captain Jim Hasson Talks With Residents About Loud Parties at North End Public Safety Meeting [Video]

Captain James “Jim” Hasson talked with residents this week at the November North End Public Safety Meeting along with Sgt. Thomas Lema from Boston Police District A-1. They were pleased to report that the number of serious crimes are down significantly in the North End. In October, only five “Part I” crimes were reported versus 25 last year. Quality of life complaints remain high with 22 loud party calls in the last 30 days. Be sure to check out the statistics on the North End police blotter. Click here to see post and video

Photo Gallery: North Bennet Street School Open House at New North End Campus Facility

The North Bennet Street School welcomed potential students and community friends inside America’s first trade and crafts school. Unlike the previous 20 years, this year was the first Open House at the new spacious campus facility on North Street in Boston’s North End. Neighborhood readers will not only appreciate the first class renovation, but also the classic North End views. Click here to see the photo gallery