6 Replies to “Sunday Afternoon Trash in the North End

  1. I will bet my building, these are ABSENTEE LANDLORDS. Keep the fight up Toni, you have
    a lot of people behind you & I don’t get up early, but it is better than seeing the rat packs running
    around the trashy neighborhood. God Bless you. Keep up the fight, where there is a WILL, THERE
    IS A WAY.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself !!!! Keep up the Good work Toni~~~we will all stand behind you !!!!


  3. There is no one working from Code Enforcement on the weekend so when we notice rubbish put out at the wrong time it is useless to call the Mayor’s office.
    The blue buckets are no longer given out by the City. You have to buy your own bins and order stickers from the City so that they will not throw these new recycle bins in the trash.
    Bring back the blue bins., which the State subsidized, and we might not have the use of brown bags for recycles. Have the City fund a few employees of Code Enforcement so that we can report illegal trash over the weekends.

  4. Taking into account the mentality of some of those walking the streets & living in our neighborhoods, this is no big surprise. Some of these dimwits who would leave trash & garbage out on a Sunday (overnight too) would also be the first to express surprise if they saw a rat walking next to them. I mean, not for nothing, at least put it in a trash barrel or dumpster.

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