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Reader Poll: Would You Donate to a Clean Streets Program for the North End?

Earlier this month, City Councilor Lydia Edwards spoke at both the North End Residents’ Association and North End Neighborhood Council November meetings to propose a new solution to the North End’s persistent trash problems – a voluntary clean streets program run by a local non-profit.

Clunky Clark St.

With this program, tenants, landlords and businesses could donate on a monthly basis, and the funds would cover additional street cleaning services to complement what the city already provides. A subcommittee within the non-profit would be established to determine the geographic area, hours and days for cleaning, and set a transparent budget so those donating to the program could see where their money is going.

What do you think? Would you donate to a clean streets program for the neighborhood? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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15 Replies to “Reader Poll: Would You Donate to a Clean Streets Program for the North End?

  1. Yes I would donate . Monthly but how much,can I give a one time donation,I no longer live there but my heart and soul will always live there.Paul Passacantilli Sr.

  2. Should be the City’s responsibility. I think we as taxpayers in the City pay more than enough in taxes to ensure clean streets.

    1. If the City would fund it, the streets would be clean. The only way it would be funded would probably come from tax increases or cuts to other programs, like education. If this works, it could lead to cleaner streets. If it doesn’t, it didn’t cost you a dime.

  3. I’d rather find solutions to our neighborhood trash problem. Ban paper shopping bags out at the curb on trash day, educate new residents about when and how to put trash out, and install more trash receptacles, recycle/trash type, in our neighborhood. Some days, they overflow with trash which shows people use them. This trash company we have now doesn’t help this problem either. They leave trash behind on sidewalks. The sweepers we have now in the NE are ambitious and take pride to dispose of the curbside trash, and, importantly, they have a part-time job, which City should fund.

    1. I didn ‘t see where this program funds trash pickup, rather it is a program to clean up carelessly discarded waste. I’ve seen it fly out of vehicles. It’s means of dealing with society’s ignorant slobs. I think it is an issue because society has more ignorant slobs. Education is waste since the act is basically stupid and how do you mske stupid adults considerate?

  4. You are right Belle, Diane and Donna. There is no reason why our trash should go out the night before trash day. The trash trucks do not show up early. Set the time for pickup at 9:30 am — the earliest they can put it out is 6 am then everyone will have there trash out at the same time and the trash pickers and rodents will not have enough time to rip open the bags and let the trash go all over the streets. Why should we volunteer to clean …. Don’t you think we give enough in tax dollars. Where are all these tax dollars going? More raises to our officials?

    1. The trash trucks do not show up early on a consistent basis. They have shown up at 7AM on my street and then people put their trash out at 9AM and go on their merry way . The trash pickers will adjust the time to hit the streets from late at night to early morning. The only solution to the trash pickers is to eliminate the deposit on cans and bottles. When there is no financial incentive to rip open bags then they won’t be here. I wish there was a non profit who had the space, time and incentive to be a central location for cans and bottles and could use the deposit money as am ongoing fundraiser.

  5. I have lived in the North End since the 1980’s, and the trash problems have always been an issue. It has only gotten worse as building owners refuse to take any responsibility to pick up trash or sweep around their own buildings. The 3rd day of trash pick-up actually has made the problem worse by adding another 12 hours of trash sitting on the street.

    I, for one, am encouraged that our Councilor has taken the time and interest to work at solutions and help us help ourselves. This is our neighborhood and the sidewalks are our front yards … we should treat them a such.

    As Lydia stated at the NEWRA meeting , the City Services budget is spread throughout the entire city of Boston, and while she will continue to fight for the resources we deserve, a clean streets initiative can help suppliment those city services. While I think the City has dropped the ball many times, ( I have not seen one mailer from City Hall regarding trash regulations and recyclying education since the Menino administration! ) we need to start owning our streets, and we can start with a Clean Streets Initiative.

    I’m In !!!

  6. I get the City’s Budget is spread through out the City, but if the FINES were more exuberant for those trashing our
    neighborhoods that would more than pay for Clean ups. We could have 7 Day Trash Pick ups, there are people
    that throw their trash out after the Trash Pick Up. It is always the same Buildings, Absentee Landlords Bldgs.

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