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Prince Street Needs a Trash Pick Up, After the Pick Up

Wondering why Prince Street still looks so “trashy” even after the regular garbage collection? These photos from Friday morning are shared by David Marx, who says, “This block ALWAYS looks like this, on both the sidewalk AND on the street, next to the curb. Post trash pick-up.”

At the last NEWNC meeting, David proposed a trash and recycling survey for residents to share with Public Works. Stay tuned.

11 Replies to “Prince Street Needs a Trash Pick Up, After the Pick Up

  1. Same issues in the South End. Education will be your best defense. Get people to put trash out is proper black heavy duty trash bags, not paper bags of CVS bags or anything else half open.

    Harder will be to convince neighbors that everyone cleaned in front of their own home no matter what, we would all have great looking neighborhoods…

  2. If the Trash Ordinance was really effective, we would not
    be going through this.

    The City of Boston needs to find out how they operate in
    Switzerland. They are probably the Cleaniest Country in
    the World, and extremely wealthy, with a low crime rate.

    Another alternative is they should check with N.Y.C.
    they seem to be on top of Trash Situations, along with
    Nuisance Problems.

    You can bet your life on one thing, this is not happening
    outside of the Mayor’s house or anywhere near his house.

    These Ordinances were made to pacify us, but if they
    were really effective, these absentee landlords would have
    to sell their properties due to all the fines they were
    receiving, or suppose to be receiving. What a joke these
    Ordinances are, the same Violators constantly.

    You can thank our City & State Officials. What proof do
    we have that they are getting fined, I want to see all these
    fines in Black & White.

  3. I have seen Prince Street~~before AND after trash pick-up !
    There are many many small thin c.v.s bags etc. placed there !!!! WHY????? If they do not like the sight of trash blowing around, then, Tell your neighbors that it is also up to them to correct this!!!! Admonish the offenders that ~ ~~~THIS COULD BE ELIMINATED !!!!! AND trash should be put out at the correct days and times !! I know that some people pay “NO MIND” to rules and regulations!! We have to teach them !!! AND I know “THIS IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE” !!! Please DO NOT GIVE UP !!!
    Thank You for your HELP !!!

  4. Janet, If you want to get rid of the rats in the neighborhood

    you have to get rid of the Pigs first, and we have plenty of

    them living down here, and we will never give up.

    People only get away with what you allow them to get

    away with. Where is this Trash Ordinance, same

    offenders all the time. These ordinances are lies, and

    the proof of this statement is the same offenders over

    and over again. We need politicians who are going to

    defend the rights of the residents not the bars and


  5. You can add Parmenter (in front of the new luxury apts.) to the list, as well as, North St. by Fleet Street.
    Patricia T.

  6. Truth Seeker, You are right !! Maybe the NEWNC will now try to change the timing of Trash Pick-up will help ~~~~

    BELIEVE ME~~~I know how bad the Streets and Sidewalks are~~AND Yes I believe the Trash Ordinances have NOT BEEN ENFORCED !!!!! The City and State would not Have to raise out Income Taxes if~~~~Parking~~Trash~~ AND~~ Noise LAWS ~~~Were Properly Enforced !!!!!! Tons of MONEY Would be Collected~~~We HAVE TO Start at the TOP of the Heap !!! “THE MAYOR’S OFFICE” !!!!!!

  7. Most streets in the north end look like that after trash day!

    In many cases it is the same violators. I know that one of these so called ‘landloards’ is very present in the neighborhood but chooses to not care! He and his tenants place their trash outside of neighboring properties. He even goes out of his way to bring in trash from outside the North End!

    Please call 617-635-4500 to report problem properties and trash violations! They are supposed to investigate.

    Be sure to take NEWNC survey about trash pickup and add your comments.

  8. I filled this in as a comment on the survey, but what about a central location to recycle. This building would require minimal staffing and could have can recycling as well as other recycling bins to be picked up by the city. I think centering in the NE would allow all residents to use it. A lot of the trash (some?) gets disbursed because people pick through it for the cans. Some thoughts:

    A. Available to NE residents only
    B. Partially fund operations by haircutting can deposits
    C. Bins for types of recyclables – eliminates city need to sort
    D. Machine operated containers – city picks up crushed/broken glass
    E. One Central Location/Many Smaller individual locations for convenience.

    These are just thoughts, would be willing to see what people think.

    1. I actually agree with Dino completely. I see individuals going through every single bag that is set out on Prince street in search of cans. I’ve seen some people carefully untie and re-tie bags, while I’ve seen others just tear them open. While this is certainly not the only reason trash is spread everywhere, it definitely adds to it.

      I also like the idea of a central location for trash drop off. Having some trash that is foul smelling from say, a Friday night dinner, can be difficult to keep in your apartment until Sunday night/Monday morning.

  9. For that reason, if the bottle bill expansion comes before the state house again, remember to contact Aaron and say you are against it!!!

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