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NEBO’s Pallotta Sisters: “We’re Going From Brooklyn to Manhattan”

Carla and Christine Pallotta with their Mom at the 2012 St. Anthony’s Feast (Photo by Matt Conti)

As Carla and Christine Pallotta prepare to make the transition of their NEBO Restaurant from the North End (90 N. Washington St.) to Atlantic Wharf in the Fort Port Channel area, the sisters sat down with Eater Boston for an interview.

Carla: We’re doing what we do. It’s the same food; we’re moving to a different house. It’s just a larger space, so we’re excited about it.

Christine: I feel like we’re going from Brooklyn to Manhattan. And we’ll be on chef row with Jody Adams and Joanne Chang and Barbara Lynch.

Carla: All the women are down there first. We’re moving to a ladies’ neighborhood! It’s great. And it’s nice to have neighbors. We don’t have any neighbors here, so it’s a different feel. This was like going to SoHo or going to Brooklyn and finding a hidden jewel, but it will be nice to have neighbors, too.

What’s the timeline?

Christine: About two years from now, hopefully… [Laughs.] No, spring. I think.

The ladies talk more about what it means to be leaving the North End and why they’ll still be around. Read the full interview on Eater Boston.