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Neighborhood Council Reports from City Hall and Parking, Greenway and Public Safety Committees [Video]

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) met on January 14, 2013 and reported on a number of community issues. This part of the meeting includes the introductions and reports.

  • NEWNC President Stephen Passacantilli gave a report from City Councilor Sal LaMattina’s office on the Nuisance Control Ordinance and street repairs planned by Public Works.
  • Ryan Kenny reported for the Resident Parking / Traffic Committee.
  • John Pregmon reported on the Greenway Committee including an update on the custom carousel by the Conservancy’s Jodi Wolan.
  • David Marx summarized the last North End Public Safety meeting.

View the 13 minute video above for those items. NEWNC’s discussion with the Boston Police and two other business items will be posted separately.

One Reply to “Neighborhood Council Reports from City Hall and Parking, Greenway and Public Safety Committees [Video]

  1. The meeting that took place at the Nazzaro Center on Jan.14th, 7 P. M., one of those issues was in regards to
    obtaining a full liquor license.

    The No. End has more than its full share of liquor licenses
    and roof decks and people are still pushing these issues
    down our throats.
    The Ordinances that the City has put in affect are like a
    joke. The Trash Violators are always the same Violators
    we always had, and the Noise Ordinance is even a
    bigger joke, the Police give you a warning the first time,
    this is after 20 years of warnings, and then they give
    you a fine. The drunks that are either young professionals
    or students walking back to their apts. or condos
    disrupt our sleep, and quality of life, and they only get
    a slap on the hand, they are too drunk and if they talk
    too loud and are having fun, that isn’t a crime. I would
    have assumed this is called Disturbing the Peace.
    The Police have made it clear at various meetings, the
    more liquor licenses the more problems.
    Would you say there is corruption involved? Absolutely,
    no doubt about it. Does anyone think for one minute
    that this could possibly take place outside of the Mayor’s
    House? Never. The Ordinances are just another way
    of smoozing the No. End Residents over. The paper
    work involved for our Boston Police can run into 2 hours
    for just writing up 1 person. What is the Solution?
    City Hall Officials have to revise these Ordinances if they
    really care about the Residents, and if they are not with
    us, remember, they are against us. The greed and the
    lust for money is overwhelming, and our cries are still
    falling on very deaf ears. I wonder why? Money, the
    Root of all Evil, no truer words were ever said.

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