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North End School Makes Street Pianos Boston Possible

Public Street Piano in North End Parks on Greenway (Photo by Conor Finley)

You have seen or heard about Street Pianos Boston, 75 pianos around the city, in honor of the Celebrity Series of Boston’s 75th anniversary. One of the most important stories behind the pianos’ success is courtesy of a North End school.

All of the piano technicians, who have been running around the city keeping the pianos in shape and in tune, are from North Bennet Street School (graduates and current students):

– Michael Wilson
– Cory Sheets
– Brian Turano
– Justin Rose
– Panos Tsigkos
– Alex Moore
– Andrew Gillispie

They’ve all taken part in NBSS’ Piano Technology courses and are doing an amazing job repairing and maintaining all 75 pianos!

“Michael Wilson has been at the heart of Street Pianos Boston since the beginning of the project. Celebrity Series has truly valued his hard work, dedication and know-how throughout the festival. He worked closely with each artist to ensure every piano received proper maintenance and tuning before it was painted, and has tirelessly worked towards the continued success of Street Pianos Boston,” said Gary Dunning, President and Executive Director of the Celebrity Series.

Head Technician Michael Wilson actually got his first experience chasing pianos to keep them in tune in 2011 during a project called “Pop –Up Pianos” in New York City. He and a few other NBSS students headed to NYC for three weeks of tuning and repairing. Now, he and a new group of fellow techs are putting that knowledge to use to keep the beautiful sounds of sonatas, sing-alongs and scales flowing throughout Boston and beyond.


5 Replies to “North End School Makes Street Pianos Boston Possible

    1. thanks so much, what a lovely idea. we enjoyed exploring Boston for several week ends and were amazed by all the really unique stuff in this town, the pianos being one of the surprises. keep it up. rita huston

  1. What a magnificent effort by the piano technicians from the North Bennet School who contributed to such a memorable way for Bostonians and visitors to welcome in the fall season. We are so fortunate to claim this remarkable institution’s staff and students as our North End neighbors.

    Tom Schiavoni

    1. Thanks to the piano technicians and the North Bennett School. I love the pianos. Although I can’t play, my grandson thoroughly enjoyed playing the piano in the Old North Church Courtyard. It’s been fun watching people enjoy the Street Pianos and the Globe exhibits. How fortunate we are to have these unique exhibits in Boston!

  2. One more reason to love NBSS and the North End….thank you so very much for this joyful addition. It’s a great community builder and brings smiles all around.

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