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Would Such Billboard Ads Be Allowed in Beacon Hill?

Would such billboard ads be allowed in Beacon Hill? That is the question asked by Adam Castiglioni (@ConciergeBoston) in a recent tweet about the billboard on the corner of Salem and Cross Streets across from the Greenway and the North End Parks.

Well, the BRA has banned new billboards in several areas of the city, including Beacon Hill and Back Bay. We’re not sure if that also extends to the North End, but it does not apply to properties owned by the State, MassDOT or MBTA that includes much of the area surrounding the Big Dig / Greenway.

4 Replies to “Would Such Billboard Ads Be Allowed in Beacon Hill?

  1. Only one that I know of in Beacon Hill – corner of Cambridge Street and Staniford, I think, and technically, that may be considered West End. That being said, this Billboard in the North End has been there forever…it used to be next to the Expressway before it was taken down.

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