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Pinkberry Celebrates North End Grand Opening With Complimentary Frozen Yogurt

(L-R) Pinkberry Associates, Laura Falherty, Jon Meese and NE Director of Operations Jason Hopkins

On the eve of its Grand Opening, the newest Boston Pinkberry opened its doors on Thursday night to the North End community with complimentary offerings of its tart frozen yogurt. An enthusiastic group of attendees came over to 285 Hanover Street to try out the product as new associates and franchise owners, NE Frog Pond LLC, were on hand to greet and feed the crowds. The official opening is Friday, August 2nd at 4:00 pm. Hours of operation will be daily from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

NE Frog Pond LLC – Pinkberry Franchisee (L-R) Tom Groom, Ted Davis, Mohammad Kaddoura and Khalis Echelh
Inside the North End Pinkberry Shop

Photos by Matt Conti

5 Replies to “Pinkberry Celebrates North End Grand Opening With Complimentary Frozen Yogurt

  1. What a relief, somebody that doesn’t want another liquor license, and it is not another Italian Restaurant.

    H O O R A Y

  2. I think it’s wonderful that a fresh new business is here in the north end so long as they respect its residents, and the community

  3. What blows me away is that people get up in arms about Pinkberry’s signage — ‘oh my god it lights up it’s the worst it’s so modern’ — meanwhile, literally a block away Bova’s quietly installs some crappy LED christmas lights from China and nobody says anything about it. Where is the design review on that choice?

    Why are people not up in arms about Bova’s being opened 24 hours and attracting drunks to the neighborhood at all hours of the night who then toss trash all over the street but they flip out over a professional sign? It’s beyond a double standard.

    The “born here” crowd is what is holding this neighborhood back. The only reason anyone comes here or moves here is because you it got the biggest happenstance win of all time —- the big dig!!! Nobody came here before then…Salem street was scary. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you are in DENIAL!

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