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Friday, August 2, 2013 News & Views – Saint Agrippina Feast Opens on Hanover Street

Neighborhood View of the Day:

I’m guessing this car (and music) parked on Hanover Street coincided with the Puerto Rican festival last weekend.

Puerto Rican Car in front of Caffe Pompei – July 2013 – Photo by Matt Conti

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Friday, August 2

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  • John { Welcome to the neighborhood! } – Aug 01, 10:22 PM
  • almost a native { I remember when Italy won the World Cup- everyone came and celebrated – the North End was the place to be. There are still plenty… } – Aug 01, 9:49 PM
  • Corinne { I went to Jr High (Michaelo) He was highly intelligent. God Bless Him and may he Rest in peace. } – Aug 01, 8:03 PM
  • lilfan { couldn’t have said it better!!!!!!!! } – Aug 01, 5:32 PM
  • Ann { What a heartening show of support. A photo truly is worth a thousand words. You people make my day. } – Aug 01, 5:15 PM
  • Julie { However, on the opposite end if it weren’t for the ridiculous overpriced “fake” Italian food we wouldn’t have tourists coming to our neighborhood in the… } – Aug 01, 5:10 PM

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