Editor’s Note: Re-Introducing

To make it official, I am thrilled to formally announce that I am taking on a new project as owner of As the #1 website portal in the North End, the site serves as an information resource for visitors, residents, businesses and all those who wish to know more about our neighborhood – its past and its present.

First, I want to recognize that was the creation of the North End’s friend, Guild Nichols, who passed away a little over a year ago. Guild’s wife, Ann, lives in California offered me the opportunity to purchase the website. Of course, I said yes! Guild was ahead of his time and founded in January 1999. When I started ten years later, he was an enthusiastic supporter and we happily collaborated on several projects. I knew I was doing something right when Guild made the “news” section of, helping put my blog on the map. His files are truly a historical treasure, entwined with endless whimsical notes from his many years of neighborhood tours and research. I’m honored to follow in his footsteps and look forward to bringing his decades of neighborhood history onto the site. is the “go-to” reference guide serving the various constituencies of the North End, including tourists, visitors, businesses, workers and residents. It is NOT A NEWS SITE OR BLOG. Rather, it’s mission is to be a “portal” that “opens doors” with its pages of directories, history, photos, maps and resources. While is updated almost daily, the information on will be more “permanent.” I also hope to finally develop a fantastic set of photo galleries for the new site.

The “new” site is very much a work in progress. So far, I’ve updated the theme and geared the site as a portal for “All Things North End.” It will take months to get all the internal pages upgraded. I plan to keep much of Guild’s classic and useful information intact adding my own brand of photography with a dose of interactive maps and tools.  In addition to directories and information, the new site will present opportunities for “Buy Local” campaigns and other ways to interact with neighborhood shops and businesses. I encourage you to take a look at the site today, knowing there are are grand plans in the works to enhance the site with new content and features. I don’t want to let all of the cats out of the bag, but there will be many surprises to come. is part of North End Boston LLC and will accept advertising. That’s what makes it sustainable. I’ve been thinking more about how to keep this all going. I may be willing to work essentially as a volunteer but I can’t really expect others to do that over the long haul. It is important to bring in new blood for important projects on both sites. Much of the site’s proceeds will be invested back into the community at large. One of our first contributions is to help sponsor the Summer Music Concert Series on the Prado by the North End Music and Performing Arts Center. There may eventually be enough revenue to actually pay for some freelance reporting too, but we’re taking this one step at a time. (Find out more about advertising on

There will be no change to as the primary source for all the “News and Views” of the North End / Waterfront community. will remain ad-free and non-commercial in nature. Given its community focus, it seems to work better that way. This is a news site that makes full use of a blog-like content management system generating feeds of dynamic news content and serves as a base for photojournalism, including exhaustive video-based documentation. Someday, there may be a way to appropriately bring sponsorship opportunities to (again, thinking about long-term sustainability), but there are no plans for that in the foreseeable future.

My intent is to manage each site separately other than some linking back and forth where it makes sense. For example, some of the static pages that no one knows about, buried in the menus of, may eventually move to where they can be more useful. Alternatively, some of the resources, history and tools on may occasionally appear back on the news site.

It should go without saying that there will be no influence on the editorial content of by advertisers from Most online and print services accept advertising and I don’t expect this to be a problem. Of course, I will continue to highlight openings, closings, reviews and news-related business items but our opinions will remain our own. By the way, I still have another day job and I’m nowhere near retirement.

Let me close by saying thank you to the community for supporting me in this hobby, turned obsession. is entering its fifth year of existence. It’s going strong, with more contributors, a growing readership and heading toward even greater things. All of it is thanks to you. This site would be nothing without your news, opinions, photos and tips. I thank the community leaders, neighbors and business owners for all their encouragement. Who knows what the future holds? There will always be some dark corners and the challenges that come with change, but I feel the community getting stronger on several fronts.

And now, I hope you will like what happens at If I can help you or if you want to take part in either site, I hope you will reach out. I’m always interested in your feedback and suggestions through the comments section below or via email at

Your grateful editor,
Matt Conti

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  1. Congratulations Matt, there is no better person in the world to take over this website. You do such a wonderful job, and this new venture will be a great way to showcase this wonderful neighborhood that we are so proud to call our home.

  2. Congratulations Matt, This adds another resource for those who love the neighborhood. And, what a perfect person to take charge of this legacy.

  3. As a North End resident whose roots date back to the turn of the last century this news made my day. I wish that I knew about this acquisition yesterday,Matt, when, while walking my dog on Commercial St., I told you how much I enjoyed your blog. Congratulations and continued success to you on this yet additional endeavor~~

  4. Congratulations Matt from all of us at Bostoniano! Your dedication to the neighborhood is an inspiration to the community.
    Good luck on your new venture.




  6. Congratulations and THANK YOU Matt!!! – You generously and tirelessly give so much and do so much for our community – thank you, thank you, thank you!


  7. Even as a North End native, MA-licensed educator, and seasonal tour guide to Boston (through Context Travel), I still regret not having shadowed Mr. Nichols’ “secret” tour of the North End, which he reportedly conducted with great passion and power. In addition to a revival of his website, with its wealth of information about neighborhood sites and institutions, are Nichols’ itineraries still being offered in some form of a walking tour?

  8. Matt, as a 30 year resident of this wonderful neighborhood, I was thrilled to hear that you will take over for the wonderful Guild who so many people loved. Congratulations to you as you tirelessly work to bring us all the news and views on the North End/Waterfront. Thank you for your great are very much appreciated!

  9. All of us are grateful for Matt Conti’s hard work and dedication in keeping North Enders informed and enlightened about the amazing richness and vitality of our cherished neighborhood. We quickly run out of superlatives in describing Matt’s self-effacing modesty and professionalism in bearing witness to the grand and, sadly, sometimes not so grand events that bind us as a community. He has been our eyes and ears when we have been too busy, too distracted, too tired to venture out our doors for an evening meeting or discussion on a topic of importance that will surely impact all of us. And now he is about to serve as our archivist in preserving and disseminating a treasure trove of information, photos and files compiled by Guild Nichols. Hurray for Matt!

    Tom Schiavoni

  10. Thank you for such a great site! I’ve been to the North End many times as a kid visiting family in the area, and can trace my roots back to Samuel Treat who lived on Prince Street and is buried at Copp’s Hill. This site helps me reconnect with Boston, which means a lot living in an area where you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Yankee fan. 🙂

  11. Matt, I think it’s great that you are doing all this work to promote the North End and Italian culture. Thanks for the hard work and keep it coming!

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