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Part 2 of a “A Letter from Anna” Released


North End Boston has released Part 2 – “A Letter From Anna,” from a six-part story by Jan Maguire recounting her family’s North End immigration experience. Here is how Part 2 continues:

As with many of the Italian immigrants, the first stop would be with relatives or friends from the town who had immigrated earlier.  Dominic Polcari was a cousin of Ralph’s mother Carolina. Dominic lived with his family in a second-floor apartment at 11 Thatcher Street in the North End. The Polcaris lived above a grocery store in which the whole family worked. It was Dominic’s dream to own the store someday. His wife made lovely pizza pies with fresh tomato and cheeses and the storeowner let her sell them from the shop every day.

Read Part 2 at

If you missed Part 1, you can catch up here.

The remaining Parts 3-5 will be released on the following dates:
Part 3 – November 15
Part 4 – November 29
Part 5 – December 13

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