Editor’s Note: New Digital Photo Wallpaper for Patrons

Example of April 2015 iPhone wallpaper download for Patrons
Example of April 2015 iPhone wallpaper download for Patrons

The support that receives is epic in many waysthrough the dozens of neighborhood groups, non-profits, businesses, our great commentators and most importantly, from you – the readers.

The rollout of our new Patron program has been going great! I am truly thankful to those that are voluntarily contributing to the site as it continues to grow.

Starting this month, I am happy to introduce a little ‘thank you’ to Patrons through exclusive digital photo wallpapers for your mobile phone or computer. Patrons will receive a monthly link to special North End / Waterfront photos that you can download as wallpaper for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

I love telling the stories and sharing the photos of our unique community, covering the North End, Waterfront and Downtown Boston! With a larger following has come increasing demands to cover all the goings on – big and small – in our fabled area of Boston. The long-term survival of depends on it becoming self-sustaining and we would like to do that without ads. will always be free, I promise! The Patron program is completely voluntary for those readers that want to help.

If you enjoy reading, please consider becoming a patron through a small, recurring monthly contribution. One-time contributions are most welcome too. For as little as one cup of coffee a month, your contribution goes a long way in keeping going.

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Thank you for helping be the best community news site in Boston!
Matt Conti, Editor