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NEW Health Pediatrics Scores High in Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Lopreste, Pediatrician
Dr. Lopreste, Pediatrician

North End Waterfront Health’s pediatric practice scored high in patient satisfaction when compared to other pediatricians nationwide, according to a private patient satisfaction survey.

100% of parents whose children are seen by a physician at NEW Health said they would recommend their child’s provider to family and friends, according to the survey, which was conducted via random phone screenings by Quality Data Management. The scores are nationally benchmarked, based on all pediatric departments the vendor surveys across the country.

“These results are indicative of the high-quality care we strive to give each and every pediatric patient,” says Gail Lopreste, MD, pediatrician and director of NEW Health’s pediatrics department. “We like to spend time with each patient and really get to know them and their family. It’s natural for parents to have several questions about their child’s health and each pediatric provider is happy to take the time to answer them.”

Another 94% of parents surveyed said their child’s physician explained their health in a way that was clear and easy to understand; 94% said the provider spent enough time with them during their visit; and 100% said they “always” or “usually” get an urgent care appointment when their child needed to be seen right away.

Additionally, 100% of patients surveyed said their physician followed up with lab results, that the provider showed respect for what they had to say, and that it was easy to understand the provider’s instructions about taking care of health problems or concerns.

“She listens very well and she remembers everything from each visit,” one surveyed parent said about their child’s physician. “It’s not like every visit is the first time she ever saw you. She remembers everything and she just really cares. We like her a lot and we’re very happy with her.”

Several other patients surveyed sang the phrases of their children’s physician as well.

“It’s great to hear feedback like that because it shows we are making a difference in the lives of our patients,” LoPreste says. “And by bettering the health of the children of the North End and surrounding neighborhoods, we are improving the health of the community at large.”

LoPreste, a board-certified pediatrician with more than 20 years experience, recently returned to NEW Health as the director of pediatrics, having practiced at the health center from 2000 to 2007. She joins family medicine physicians Elizabeth Turnock, MD, and Martha McLoughlin, MD. Family doctors take care of everyone from infants to grandmothers, while pediatricians focus solely on the care of newborns to young adults.

NEW Health is accepting new patients. Please call 617-643-8000 to learn more.

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  1. We are so lucky to have the Clinic and the wonderful Doctors and Nurses that work there and see to all our medical needs. I say Thank You to each and everyone of them for the great job they do

  2. Funny, can anything contrary be said? I for one, can’t say I agree with this article at all. Therefore there is no way it could be 100 per cent satisfaction… But this post probably wont make it through moderation. That’s the MO !

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