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Commentary: Saint John School Students Continue to Recite Morning Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance

Hello friends,

I just wanted to write this note to address the rumors swirling around the neighborhood and elsewhere that Saint John School has stopped the practice of students reciting morning prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

As a former student, board member and current supporter of St. John School, I can report, as fact, that St. John School has not stopped the reciting of morning prayer or the Pledge. Due to increased enrollment and space issues, morning prayer has been moved from the traditional prayer room on the first floor to the Cafeteria and assembly rooms on the bottom floor.

I was personally at the school last week and spoke with both the new Principal (who is doing a great job) and my cousin Mrs. DeLeo (the long time school secretary), as well as parents of current students about this issue. They have all said that the rumors are not true. The parents that I spoke with have actually participated in morning prayer when dropping off their children or while attending other meetings or volunteer activities that they are involved in.

Saint John is and always will remain a Catholic school offering the highest quality education and Catholic faith instruction. Let me also say that the school has always welcomed children of all races and creeds. I graduated in 1986, and had non-catholics as my classmates and friends. Their parents like ours sent them to St. John to receive a good education in a safe and loving atmosphere. That is the standard that Saint John has set. The new principal Karen McLaughlin is a fine steward of this tradition as are the teachers and staff who make this school the treasure it is.

Please let people and friends of St. John know to stop this untrue rumor being spread for reasons that I and others do not understand. Saint John remains a place for children to learn and grow in the Catholic faith.

Thank you.

3 Replies to “Commentary: Saint John School Students Continue to Recite Morning Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance

  1. There’s no legal reason for this private religious school to drop these exercises. That legal barrier exists only for public schools — a barrier as to prayer and a qualified barrier as to the Pledge.

  2. My 7-year old daughter is a student at St. John School and currently in the First Grade. She too confirms that morning prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance have been going on in the cafeteria EVERY morning. Not sure where this rumor started, but it is just that, rumor.

  3. I just read this post and found it to be a very odd rumor and one that I hadn’t heard. I always wonder where “rumors” come from and find it sad that they get spread about without a shred of truth involved, but I guess some folks go by the motto – never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    There is most certainly prayer taking place every day at St. John School and the Pledge is recited every day. Perhaps these folks spreading rumors are jealous of all the great things going on in the school, but rest assured folks, the rumors are not true. Come by the school for yourself and see.

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