Schools Hopscotch of School Buildings in North End and Boston University student reporter, Kiera Blessing, takes us through the “hopscotch” plan for the North End’s K-8 students as the Eliot K-8 Innovation School expands into the North Bennet Street School properties and a new K-8 school is 585 Commercial Street is brought to life.

585 Commercial Street ( photo)

A giant game of musical chairs is only just beginning for many students at the North End’s Eliot K-8 Innovation School, who will occupy three different school buildings over the next several years.  That’s because the Eliot is expanding, and it’s no easy feat. The entire process will filter students through the original Eliot property at 16 Charter St., the recently acquired $11.35 million building at 39 North Bennet St., and 585 Commercial St., which was just purchased by the City of Boston in early April for over $12 million.

The constant movement isn’t ideal in the eyes of most parents, but the common opinion echoed among them is that this is a hassle that is worth the end result: expanded and updated facilities for one of the city’s most popular public schools.

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Correction: The city did not pay $11.35 million for the North Bennet Street School buildings. That was the amount NBSS paid the city for the North Street Buildings. Of the $11.35 purchase price, $6,710,000 was what the city paid for the four NBSS buildings.