Hubway Bike Sharing Re-Opens in the North End / Waterfront

Hubway Station at Lewis Wharf, Atlantic Ave. – April 2013
Hubway Bike Sharing Station Map

Hubway, the citywide bike sharing system, reinstalled its stations in the North End / Waterfront this week at Lewis Wharf (Atlantic Ave.), Cross St. & Hanover St. Intersection, Aquarium T Station, Rowes Wharf, Government Center and North Station.

Local officials have discussed having more stations in the interior North End, but none are scheduled for this season.

The official network opening is set for Monday, April 8th coincident with Fenway’s “Opening Day.” Boston will add 15-20 new stations citywide, entering Jamaica Plain for the first time and adding stations in Charleston, Dorchester & Roxbury. A new station will open at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in the Navy Yard.

In addition to the City of Boston, Hubway operates in Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline.

In total, there are 112 Hubway bike sharing stations and 1,100 bicycles. More information at


5 Replies to “Hubway Bike Sharing Re-Opens in the North End / Waterfront

  1. Almost got hit by a tourist on a bike while I was crossing Hanover St at Richmond on Friday afternoon.( I actually had the walk sign!) He was busy looking around and he did not bother stopping for the red light on Hanover St. The guy did not notice me or the car that was trying to turn from Richmond onto Hanover while the car had the green light. Hope this is not an omen for what is to come this season with these hubway bikes.

    1. As a daily commuter I’ll have to respectfully add that Hubway is an absolute Godsend for me. Lugging a bike up four flights of stairs would be prohibitive on a daily basis (not to mention nowhere to park it at work). I wear a helmet and follow all the rules of the road (unlike most cyclists I see). Hate the rider, not the service…

      1. . My comment was directed at the rider and future tourists who might do the same thing he did. There are similar issues with drivers on Hanover St and Atlantic Ave who are busy sightseeing and not watching the road. I do not hate Hubway or the automobile industry … just some of the people who utilize the products. Glad to hear you are a responsible cyclist. Did you ever think about giving lessons to your fellow cyclists?

  2. I saw a couple of these riders narrowly miss kids on the sidewalk on Boylston St. – the riders were riding on the sidewalk.

  3. They do not put enough bikes at the location between Hanover and Salem in front of the De Pasquale pasta shoppe.

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