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Increased Parking Fines to Fund $5 Million in Transportation; Biking & Bus Improvements Emphasized

Mayor Walsh has proposed a $5 million annual increase in Boston transportation spending, including protected bike lanes and pedestrian paths, intersection redesigns, and traffic signal advancements. This proposal will be largely funded through a set of parking fine increases, with some doubling or more. This includes higher fees charged for a non-resident parking in a Read More…

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Information Regarding North End Concerns on Connect Historic Boston (Cycle Track) Project

The following information was submitted by Kay Barned-Smith, CCM, AIA, Public Works Construction Management and Connect Historic Boston Project Manager.  Please note there is a North End Construction Update meeting scheduled for June 15, 2017, 6:00 p.m. at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. See the flyer. INFORMATION RE: NORTH END CONCERNS In response to a number Read More…

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Thursday’s Guide: Fire Escape Architecture, Population Steadying, City Bike Planning

Things to know for Thursday! Fire Escape Architecture? https://www.instagram.com/p/BSMp8i9BCIt/?taken-at=254372545&hl=en Notable news found elsewhere: Greater Boston population growth cooling The growing population within Boston has leveled off when compared to the staggering growth seen over the past few years. With housing costs that are among the highest in the country is hindering growth, The Boston Globe has more on the Read More…

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Cycle Track in North End set for Paving by November 2016

Public Works updated neighborhood residents on the status of the North End Cycle Track, part of the federally-funded bikeway under the Connect Historic Boston project. The contractor is running behind schedule, according to DPW’s Kay Barned-Smith who presented at the August 11, 2016 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). By November 2016, Read More…

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Neighborhood Photo: Clear the Ice, Hubway is Back

A Hubway worker brings the season’s first set of bikes back to the North End waterfront, but has to clear off the ice first on Sunday morning. (Photo by Matt Conti) “Neighborhood Photo” is a regular feature on NorthEndWaterfront.com. Email info@northendwaterfront.com with your photo and a caption. See past neighborhood photo posts.


Permanent Bike Lane Planned for Cross and N. Washington Streets After Safety Study [Video]

Permanent thermoplastic bike lanes will be installed this summer on Cross and N. Washington Streets, connecting Atlantic Avenue at Christopher Columbus Park to the Charlestown Bridge. Boston Bikes representative, Kim Foltz, from the City’s bike program presented with Jessica Mortell, Toole Design Group, to provide a general update on neighborhood bicycling as well as results from a safety Read More…

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Hubway Bike Stations Open in the North End / Waterfront

Spring weather is in the April air, welcoming outdoor activities and the start of spring sports around the city. It also means Hubway stations are back in action after their winter hiatus. We profiled the six Hubway bike stations in the North End / Waterfront area, covering everything from their locations, pricing, and a break Read More…

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Connect Historic Boston Project at 25% Design Displays Commercial Street and Causeway Street Cycle Tracks

It was “standing room only” as residents packed City Hall for the Connect Historic Boston (CHB) 25% design public hearing. Previous Connect Historic Boston meetings pertained to specific sections of the project – this meeting was a presentation of the entire Boston project. On hand were City officials from several agencies, Federal Highway Administration, Boston Read More…

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Commercial Street Redesign with Cycle Track Presented by City Officials [Video]

This video shows the third meeting, held on January 28, 2014, regarding the redesign of Commercial Street and part of Atlantic Avenue to incorporate a dedicated bicycle “cycle track” from Cross Street to Charter Street in the North End / Waterfront. The main feature of the cycle track is to elevate the bike lane to Read More…