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Hubway Bike Stations Open in the North End / Waterfront

Spring weather is in the April air, welcoming outdoor activities and the start of spring sports around the city. It also means Hubway stations are back in action after their winter hiatus. We profiled the six Hubway bike stations in the North End / Waterfront area, covering everything from their locations, pricing, and a break down of how the system works!

Hubway Locations in the North End / Waterfront:

As of now, there are no Hubway stations located in the interior, “heart” of the North End. Due to space issues in a congested neighborhood with limited sidewalk space, proposed stations have met some resistance from folks in the neighborhood. More stations are planned, as the Hubway network continues to grow. However, these six stations below surround the North End / Waterfront area, giving Hubway options for residents and commuters. 

  • Cross Street at Hanover Street
    A mostly residential station located on the brick walkway, in between Salem Street and Hanover Street, in front of the old Famous Deli.
    Available Docks: 12
  • Lewis Wharf – Atlantic Avenue
    A station tailored towards residents, located in front of Lewis Wharf parking lot, next to the Starbucks.
    Available Docks:10
  • Aquarium Station – 200 Atlantic Avenue
    Against the brick wall of the Long Wharf Hotel, next to the Aquarium Blue Line MBTA Station, a strong commuter portal.
    Available Docks: 15
  • Rowes Wharf – Atlantic Avenue
    Along the sidewalk outside of Rowes Wharf, most likely for residential use.
    Available Docks: 12
  • TD Garden – Causeway at Portal Park #1
    A commuter heavy portal located right against the 93 overpass, on the side of the TD garden outside of the North Station T stop.
    Available Docks: 23
  • TD Garden – Causeway at Portal Park #2
    Favoring commuters but also accommodating to residents, located right on the sidewalk in front of Portal Park.
    Available Docks: 21

See entire Hubway Map for all locations. Also, get a realtime update of how many bikes are available at each station. 

How it works:

Join  –>  Take  –>  Ride  –>  Return. 
Grab a bike at any Hubway station, ride around and drop the bike off at another Hubway station close to your destination. Choose options to join ranging from annual, monthly, 3-day, or 24 hour memberships. Use for commuting purposes or simply take a joy ride around the city. Complete Details

Pricing & Membership Options:

  • Annual Membership: $85
  • Monthly Membership: $20
  • 24-Hour Access Pass: $6
  • 72-Hour Access Pass: $12

Rides longer than 30 minutes incur additional usage fees. See complete Pricing Details.

Annual and monthly memberships are available online and give customers their own Hubway key (via mail) for fast, convenient access to unlock a bike at any station, 24/7. Short-term access passes include 24 hour passes and 72 hour passesavailable for purchase at any Hubway station, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 3 seasons a year. Swipe your credit or debit card and follow the instructions on the touch-screen kiosk. You may ride as many times as you’d like during your Pass period, just swipe your card to obtain a new unlocking code. With all types of memberships, the cost of your Pass includes unlimited rides under 30 minutes, however, longer rides incur additional usage fees. Visit their website for complete membership details.

Photos and Google Map by Conor Finley