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Quattro Opens in the North End Featuring DePasquale’s Greatest Hits

On opening night of Quattro, owner Frank DePasquale stands in front of the restaurant’s open kitchen.

Quattro, the newest North End restaurant from Frank DePasquale, opened to the public on Wednesday night at 264 Hanover Street at the corner of Parmenter Street.

Featuring table and counter service, Quattro replaces the self-serve Il Panino Express, previously operated by Mr. DePasquale at the same location. The new spot features a menu of “greatest hits” from DePasquale’s other well-known Italian eateries, including Bricco, Mare Oyster Bar, Trattoria Il Panino and Umbria Prime.

Having brought back a beer and wine license to the location, the newly renovated restaurant showcases an open kitchen, imported brick oven and marble tabletops. Overlooking the kitchen is an L-shaped counter with stools. Grilled items and Neapolitan-style brick oven pizzas appear high on the menu, along with pasta and specialty sandwiches. Take-out service is also available.

Quattro is the latest addition to DePasquale Ventures that also operates Bricco, Mare Oyster Bar, Trattoria Il Panino, Umbria Prime, Splash and the Ocean Club at Marina Bay. Frank DePasquale also serves as Chairman of the North End Chamber of Commerce.

Quattro, located at 264 Hanover St. on the corner of Parmenter Street

Photos by Matt Conti

8 Replies to “Quattro Opens in the North End Featuring DePasquale’s Greatest Hits

  1. I passed by last night and it had a good crowd of people in there at 10pm. Food looked great. Space looked great. Love the open flame and guy carving up rotisserie meats. I will go this weekend.

    1. So we ended up going last night. The place was packed for a Monday. Great ambiance and decor. Service was good, although I think a few kinks need to be worked out. We had a few apps, a pizza, and drinks. The food was good, as you would expect from De Pasquale. The prices were actually quite reasonable, in my opinion. We will definitely be back.

      Now if only we could get some of the other places on Hanover to redecorate and modernize….

  2. I already heard some great comments regarding Quattro’s Restaurant !!! Atmosphere, Food, Service ~~~ ALL PERFECT !!! Another Fantastic venture for Frankie ! Good for You !! Right after Easter, I will be going !!

  3. Food was delicious… Service was wonderful… very impressed with this new place and will recommend it to everyone

  4. With regret I have to say that I didn’t have the best experience here with my girlfriend over the weekend. Many of the issues stemmed from it being their first weekend, I believe, such as the waiter not knowing many of the specials, and them not having a the wine that my girlfriend wanted. What was disappointing was the portion on the veal short-rib it was overcooked and for a dinner would not have come close to filling in for a main course regularly (we split it as an appetizer).

    I hope that they can improve over time and we didn’t try the pizza so I would be interested to try that if it is getting good reviews elsewhere.

  5. The place looks very cool and I like the decor and feel of it. However, I have been there 3 times since they opened a week ago (the latest last night) and they still don’t have a take-out menu. I get the “we don’t have a take-out menu yet, but you are welcome to look at the menu here”. Come on…really? For a place that literally has “Take Out” stenciled on the window under their name, how hard it it to run off 100 copies of your menu on a copier and use those until you have something fancier?

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