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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Skyline Snow Trellis at Twilight (Rotating 35 Pieces)

Picture puzzle lovers will enjoy this new twist … rotating pieces! That’s right. In addition to putting the the jigsaw puzzle together, the pieces are randomly rotated to start. To rotate a piece, select it and then either right-click on it or use the arrow keys to rotate it. Because this is more difficult, I only made this puzzle with 35 pieces. You will also find help and directions at the gear icon in the lower left corner of the puzzle. Enjoy!

Photo by Matt Conti

5 Replies to “Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Skyline Snow Trellis at Twilight (Rotating 35 Pieces)

  1. This is a beautiful view~~~However~~~ Good thing I did this in the a.m. !!! I didn’t realize which arrows to use at first !! But, once The Dawn Came Over Marblehead~~~~I went right along~~~I got ~~~~ “THE NACK” !!! Nice Challenge Matt !! Put me “ON MY TOES” !
    Are you trying to tell me that ~~Being a Senior Citizen ~~~I need to WAKE-UP my Brain ????? Well, YOU DID~~
    “A GREAT JOB” Thanks !

  2. This was ALL my OWN Fault~~Had I just read the directions that you gave us~~~I wouldn’t have had this problem !!!
    Shame on me ! ha ha ha

  3. Nice puzzle…9:10 to complete. It took me a minute to realize the pieces rotated but once I figured that out it was fun!

  4. When first starting this puzzle I did not realize that (1) the puzzle pieces were upside down, sideways, etc. and (2) it took me awhile to realize how to “right” each piece. Had I read the intro I would have known b4 starting the puzzle what to expect and how to adjust each piece. But in the end, I enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks.

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