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City Announces New Capital Funding For Cutillo Park Study, North End Library and Columbus Playground

The Mayor’s Office has announced new funding for capital projects citywide, including several in the North End/Waterfront area. Updates coming out of City Hall are highlighted on an interactive map showing the following new plans for the neighborhood:

Cutillo Park ($200,000) – Design for a comprehensive park renovation including drainage, play lot, courts, passive areas, pathways, landscaping, site furnishings and infrastructure.

North End Branch Library ($1,475,000) – Assess the existing interior and exterior physical conditions and systems according to how ably the branch can accomplish the Compass principles; develop and implement an improvement plan. The West End Branch Library is also included for an additional $100,000 facility assessment and study for a new branch.

Christopher Columbus Park ($1,000,000) – Playground renovation including play structure, safety surfacing, fencing, lighting, site furnishings, pathway repairs, drainage, signage and green infrastructure to mitigate future sea level rise.

The city funding is dedicated to public community spaces. It is worth noting that all three new projects respond to needs highlighted by local residents through various non-profit “Friends” groups, such as the recently formed Friends of Cutillo Park, Friends of the North End Branch Library and Friends of Christopher Columbus Park.

The City’s project map reiterates projects under construction including $35.6 million to renovate 585 Commercial Street for the Eliot K-8 School expansion and $12.3 million for Langone Park and Puopolo Playground renovation/climate resilience. Already in design is a project to address Long Wharf structural and flooding issues ($300k). And of course, with the State funding, a total budget of $219 million for the construction of the North Washington Street Bridge, plus an estimated $100 million for the Northern Avenue Bridge.

News of the additional projects come as the City finishes up existing renovations at Paul Revere Mall (Prado) estimated at $2.9 million and North Square ($1.7 million), both due for openings this Spring.

4 Replies to “City Announces New Capital Funding For Cutillo Park Study, North End Library and Columbus Playground

  1. Wow, we sure are lucky to live in a neighborhood that the City cares about so much! Thank you, Mayor Walsh!

  2. These are all great projects! Thank you Mayor Walsh.

    In the long-term, I would love to see the City maximize the library property by adding a few floors of 100% affordable housing on top of the building.

  3. This is great news for Cutillo Park, which is just over 100 years old and a bit rundown. It is more important than ever that the North End Community convey to the City their needs and desires with respect to a redesigned park, so that we end up with a Park that benefits the whole community. Friends of Cutillo Park meets the least Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. — the next meeting is April 24 at the Nazzaro Center.

  4. The proposed renovations to the North End Library will provide comprehensive community space for our neighborhood to better enjoy the new and exciting programs developed by our head librarian, Jennifer Hawes, and the Friends of the North End Library. Please continue to attend and support our programs.

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