BPS School Choice: Final Proposals on the Table [Poll]

It seems like forever and it’s not over yet, but Boston Public Schools has released three final elementary school choice proposals. The new plan would go into effect in the 2014-15 school year.

It’s down to a 10 zone assignment system (replacing the current 3 zones) or no zones at all (home based options) with parents applying to 6 (Plan A) or 9 (Plan B) schools near their home with a mix of test scores including some from the top quality tiers. The North End’s Eliot School is in Tier 1 (the highest). Sibling preference is protected in all the plans.

Details can be found at

Vote in the poll with your preference of the 3 final plans and feel free to say why in the comments section below.

Click map to enlarge. More information on how the home based system works here.