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New to Mike’s Pastry – Posted Prices

Change takes time in the North End. After 60+ years, there is something new at Mike’s Pastry … posted prices.

I first heard about the cannoli conundrum from consumer reporter, Mitch Lipka, who complained in his column earlier this year about the lack of posted prices. Although Lipka questioned the legality, there is no law in Massachusetts that shops have to list prices. Lipka follows up this week saying that for the first time in over 60 years, Mike’s Pastry now has listed prices for its most popular items.

I stopped in myself and bought a few cannoli … for fact finding, of course. Mike’s is still “cash only” but it’s true … there are now signs on the wall with the prices for the cannoli and cookies. In case you are wondering, regular cannoli are $3.50 each and Italian cookies are $11/lb.

Next, consumer advocates will want the calories posted, but I’m not sure I want to know.

New on the menu at Mike’s Pastry … prices! ( photo)

H/T Bob Skole for the heads up on the Lipka article.

3 Replies to “New to Mike’s Pastry – Posted Prices

  1. where in the world do thay get off to charge that kind of money for pastry ,,,,,,,,,this is crazy ,,,,,,the north end has turned into yuppy ville.

  2. Mike’s is the best. There’s a reason the line is so long, because the pastries are worth every penny. And they’re very generous to the community.

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