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Globe Travel: North End vs. Federal Hill

This week’s Boston Globe travel section compares the offerings found in the Little Italy section of Boston versus Providence. Yes, it’s the North End against Federal Hill.  These competition articles are interesting, but like the endless cannoli debates, there is no rule saying you can’t have more than one! Here is the headline rundown:

  • Parking: Federal Hill won
  • Pizza at Regina Pizzeria vs. Al Forno/Zooma Trattoria: Federal Hill won
  • Dessert at Mike’s Pastry vs. Nancy’s Fancies: Federal Hill won
  • Lunch at Galleria Umberto vs. Roma: North End won
  • Fashion and Style at Bling! vs. Divas Palace: Federal Hill won
  • Wines and Liqueurs at V. Cirace & Son vs. Gasbarro’s Wines: North End won
  • Espresso and Sweet Bites at Caffe Paradiso vs. Palmieri’s Piazza Caffè: North End won
  • Housewares at Salem Street True Value vs. Tony’s Colonial Food Store: Draw
  • Entertainment at Improv Asylum vs. Hookah bar Skarr: North End won
  • Pasta: DePasquale’s Homemade Pasta Shop vs. Costantino’s Venda Ravioli: Draw

The Globe is not going out on a limb with a total of 4 wins for each Little Italy and 2 draws.

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More delicious looking is the photo gallery.