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Galleria Umberto Tops Zagat Pizza Survey in Boston, But You’ll Have to Wait

Galleria Umberto, 289 Hanover St. ( photo)

Zagat has declared the North End’s Galleria Umberto as the best pizza in Boston in its “ultimate list of the top pie shops in 23 U.S. cities.” Galleria Umberto is located at 289 Hanover Street.

In the Zagat article:

“Locals rightfully rave” about this “definitive North End experience”, a “no-nonsense, cafeteria arrangement” providing “dirt-cheap”, “amazing Sicilian pizza”, arancini and calzones for lunch; “get here early” not only to “avoid painful lines”, but because “they literally put down the gate when they sell out”, and it’s often “well before closing time at 2:30 PM.”

And for all you Zagat number crunchers:

Food: 26
Decor: 9
Service: 15
Cost: $11

There is one very serious problem. Someone forgot to tell Zagat and all the other news sources piling onto this list, that Galleria Umberto closes for the month of July.

The line was long before … just wait until they reopen after vacation!


2 Replies to “Galleria Umberto Tops Zagat Pizza Survey in Boston, But You’ll Have to Wait

  1. Just like after they were named in Esquire magazine a few years ago…the lines will be really long with every tourist and others looking to be able to post on yelp and chowhound and FB that they ate there. The natives might have to postpone the after vacation Umberto’s fix for more than a few weeks this year. ;-(

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