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Pizzeria Regina Ranked Best Pizza in New England; Ernesto’s and Umberto’s Also Make List

Boston recently placed #3 in a nationwide Trip Advisor survey, beating out New York City (#4) while lagging San Diego (#1) and Las Vegas (#2).

Following up on survey, WCVB used their Facebook page to have fans rank the best slice of pizza in New England. Three of the North End’s pizza shops make the list including:

#1 Pizzeria Regina – 11 1/2 Thacher St.

#9 Ernesto’s Pizza – 69 Salem St.

#15 Galleria Umberto – 289 Hanover St.

It is good timing if you want a slice of Regina’s Pizza because their outdoor pavilion opens on Friday for the St. Anthony’s Feast.

More North End Pizza Shops

H/T to Michelle Descamps Mario for the info.

13 Replies to “Pizzeria Regina Ranked Best Pizza in New England; Ernesto’s and Umberto’s Also Make List

  1. I agree with Pizza Regina being number one: but how could you possibly leave out Parziale’s Pizza on
    Prince St. That is by far the best Sicilian Pizza in all of New England.

  2. Anyone remember Ana’s pizza on Charter st? I remember getting out for lunch from the mickeys [Michelangelo school] and making the mad dash to Anna’s for a couple of slices.Billy D’s Circle pizza made a great pie as well.

    1. I certainly remember Anna’s pizza. Her husband, Hugo was the baker. They would pass 5 cent slices to us through the poles of the chain link fence at the Eliot School playground while we were at recess…1954-1955. Years later Sonny Naples offered a delicious pizza from the old Solimine’s bakery store next to the Blue Front Restaurant on Hanover Street.
      Does anyone remember Domenic Pasquale who used to peddle his pizza from an oversized pot atop of a dismantled baby carriage. He would call out caldo..caldo! I usually found him at the corner of Cross and Salem St.

        1. Michael,
          I remember Butch Ross as well,
          but never knew his real name. Thanks, I will challenge my guys with that info.

          1. Victor, my pleasure. “Butch Ross” also sold balloons at the old Boston Garden alongside the old black man who sold peanuts.Where did all the time go?

      1. Yes Victor, I remember Anna’s pizza and buying it through the fence on Charter St. It created a war with Joe Black and Josie who sold their pizza at the Prado entrance to the Eliot School. Also remember the “caldo, caldo” pizza man—he always had the napkins in his shirt pocket and wore white pants, shirt and a scally cap.
        Best regards to you and your family—Richie Sinopoli

        1. Richie,
          What fond memories of a special neighborhood. “Caldo, caldo’s name was Domenic Pasquale and I certainly remember him at the corner of Cross and Salem where I would get a slice of “steamed” but tasty pizza on the way home from school.
          Stay well,

  3. So happy to see we beat NY! I’ve been telling my NY friends the pizza here is so much better 🙂

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