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Regina Pizzeria Wins Support of Residents’ Association to Serve Cordials (Video)


In a close 15-14 vote, the Regina Pizzeria received support for the addition of ‘cordials’ to its existing malt & wine license from the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). Residents spoke both for and against the application at the meeting including some who complained about sidewalk, queuing and delivery noise. Multiple residents also praised Regina Pizzeria for its charitable contributions to several neighborhood organizations.

Owner Anthony Buccieri, represented by Attorney Eric Speed, agreed to address several of the complaints including removing its sidewalk benches. The North End institution opened at 11 1/2 Thacher Street in 1926.

Watch the video for the full presentation, discussion and NEWRA vote, held on
May 9, 2013.

4 Replies to “Regina Pizzeria Wins Support of Residents’ Association to Serve Cordials (Video)

  1. #1…he really misrepresents the problem w/ “cordials”….it’s not just Sambuca, Frangelico, etc. The problem now is you can get a martini and disguise it as a “cordial”….it basically becomes just as potent as a full liquor license.

    And I laugh that people are leaving Regina because they don’t serve cordials. It’s a pizza place…has been since it opened. No one is saying “I won’t go to Regina’s because I can’t get a Sambuca”…just doesn’t happen.

    That being said, Regina’s is a charitable place and I don’t think they are one of the places causing issues because of booze.

  2. I was happy to support the request of the Pizza Regina at last nights meeting. Having lived around the corner from the Regina and now another restaurant, I to am concerned about customer noise, litter, trash pickup and delivery trucks. However, I feel the Regina has demonstarted that they are a good neighbor and a generous one at that.

    I was also happy to see Anthony Bucceri immeaditaly address Dom Piso’s concerns about the benches on North Margin Street and I know he will do the same for any future complaints if they are in reason.


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