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Commentary by Concerned Abutter of Pizzeria Regina

The following commentary relates to a pending application by Regina Pizzeria, 11 1/2 Thacher St., to add “cordials” to its existing malt and wine license. The establishment has an existing license to close at 2:00 am, but normally operates to 11:30 pm (Sun-Thu) and 12:30 am (Fri-Sat). This application will be presented to both neighborhood groups, NEWRA on May 9th (agenda here) and NEWNC on May 13th (agenda here).

Please plan on attending the meetings for the Pizzeria Regina application for a cordial license.  As a concerned abutter, I have a variety of existing issues with them.  They are as follows:

  • sidewalk benches located on Thacher and North Margin Street which impede normal pedestrian and handicap access (a violation of ADA);
  • customer disposal of uneaten pizza crusts and the empty boxes;
  • direct noise from emanating from inside;
  • customer noise when exiting;
  • deliveries from a multiple of trucks that oftentimes completely block Thacher and North Margin Street;
  • beer delivery trucks that throw the large beer metal containers within their trailer trucks that results in noise that sounds like a bomb is going off. welcomes commentaries on community issues via email to Opinions are those solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Responses to this commentary can be posted below in the comment section.

28 Replies to “Commentary by Concerned Abutter of Pizzeria Regina

  1. what exactly do those complaints have to do with them adding cordials? Why haven’t you brought any of these to the attention of the establishment or the city previously? You live in a city, there are going to be deliveries, there is going to be noise. Unless you moved in prior to 1926, you knew you were moving in next to a pizza place.

    Exactly how do those benches impede pedestrians? Do the benches/tables/signs along Salem St do the same? Why aren’t you concerned about them?

    1. The benches near Regina’s AND on Salem St all impede pedestrian passage. The problem with Regina’s is that people sit on the benches and then their friends stand in front of them making the sidewalk completely impassable. Besides being an alleged violation of the ADA, it is damn annoying to have to cross the street in order to get by since people in line refuse to move out of the way. There is a sign asking customers to not block the sidewalk but it is not enforced. Probably put up in response to a neighborhood complaint.

      None of this has anything to do with the request for cordials. For those who do not know this, cordials include flavored vodkas so Regina’s wants this for martinis and not to serve a shot of Buca with an espresso. Since they have a 2 AM license, I would be concerned that they will start staying open until 2. They might have been in this location for 100 yrs but Regina’s is located in the middle of predominately residential part of the neighborhood.

    2. You missed the whole point. When any business applies for a license, they go through a process that requires community input at a public meeting. The application for a cordial license provides the community an opportunity to express their concerns about existing issues and about future issues which may ensue or exacerbate the existing issues with the issuance of that license. This public forum allows residents to air their concerns of how a business is being operated and how that business may be negatively impacting the quality of life in their community. This public forum oftentimes allows for an opportunity for solutions to be formulated, so that issues get resolved. As far the 1926 comment goes, my family settled here in 1894 and still lives here. I am a concerned resident who feels the quality of life in my neighborhood is diminishing. Lastly, how could you ask how the benches impede access? I have witnessed mothers wheeling carriages and people in wheelchairs detour from that sidewalk because they couldn’t pass because the benches did not allow for the width of their carriages and wheelchairs. Please consider the issues and yes I am concerned about benches no matter their location and believe that the width of the sidewalk be compliant with ADA requirements. I believe there are a very few sidewalks in the North End that can be ADA compliant and have benches.

      1. Sorry Domenic but I did not miss the point. While your complaints about the sidewalks and the trash are valid, they have absolutley nothing to do with a request for cordials being added to an existing beer and wine license that will go before the neighborhood groups and the Licensing board . I served 6 yrs on NEWNC and I know all about the process.
        You are missing the point that the big concern should be 1) that flavored vodka, rum etc are considered cordials and the addition will allow Regina’s to serve martinis and other cocktails. And 2) Regina’s has an existing 2 AM license and although they say they close at 12:30 and will not extend the hours, it is within their rights as the owner of a 2 AM license to stay open without asking for support from the neighborhood.

        1. JES, I served as Co-Chairperson of the Neighborhood Council when it was first formed and know what I am talking about. You are still missing the point !! The public meeting is for discussion of the cordial license but the public has the right to express concerns about the manner in which an establishment is operating. You obviously see it in a very narrow context and believe the only topic of discussion should be whether the cordial license should be approved. I disagree!!

            1. One important aspect of this discussion is that we both respectfully agree to disagree on this matter.

  2. More on point, the noise from (presumably) drunken patrons yelling at/to one another as they leave Regina’s is already a problem. I wouldn’t look forward to an even faster mechanism by which people can reach that state.

  3. This area is too congested and noisy already to add hard liquor. There are no desserts to have a “cordial with”. Not needed.
    Who owns Regina’s now? A chain who isn’t concerned with quality of life in the neighborhood?

  4. The Problem here is called “GREED”. The Pizza Regina has a fabulous business, and always
    has. The shame lies with the City & State Officials for allowing these benches which does not
    make it that accessible for handicap people anymore, and who knows, maybe they don’t care
    about these people, if they did, these benches would not be there now. The people that DO NOT
    find LIQUOR LICENSES, NOISE & TRASH an issue are either Restaurant Owners, or Temporary
    Residents, that look at the North End as a Party Neighborhood.
    We are all in favor or people making Money, but NEVER, EVER should it be at any
    Residents’ expense. You newcomers just don’t get it, you are only here for a short time, this place
    is a pit stop for you, but for us it is “OUR HOMES.” Our streets are filthier than ever, broken bottles,
    empty beer cases, and PIZZA REGINA PIZZA BOXES, CUPS & NAPKINS all over our streets.
    The Rents are Outrageous because most of these Slumlords know the Students will pay, and they
    could careless about those of us who consider this “OUR HOMES”. If the Truth hurts, it’s not my
    problem, I only like to deal with the FACTS.

    1. Why not lend a hand and pick up some trash now and then? Be a good neighbor. Maybe talk with the business owner directly instead of ranting about GREED all the time.

      1. Thank you finally a voice of reason! I mean it sounds as the “concerned” won’t be happy until every restaraunt has their liquor license revoked. Because clearly they must be Greedy people if the they own these restaraunts. And by the way the liquor licenses aren’t the problem when it comes to the college kids as what student would be able to afford getting drunk at one of the local establishments. You just are looking for somethign to complain about so you just ramble on about greed and liquor licenses

        1. Laughable, These are the facts. There are far too many Liq. Lic. for the size
          of the area. What category to you fall in Rest. Owner, College Kid or Slumlord?

          1. What facts? It’s entirely your opinion that there is far too many liquor licenses in the North End. I didn’t know since you decided it, it is now written in stone. I don’t feel there is far too many liquor licenses at all. But that is my opinion in doesn’t make it fact. The whole atmosphere of the North End is based on the Italian culture and the restaraunts are essentail to that culture. These restaraunts are a huge draw for the tourist. And I actually to fit any of those stereotypes. So sorry to dissapoint you there…I mean you must fit in the category of “gloomy person who loves to complain”

            1. Laughable, I state facts, and if it is gloomy, I can’t apologize for the truth.
              If I were you, I would ask the Boston Police Dept. who have made it
              very clear on several occasions, the more LIQUOR LICENSES the more problems.

              Like I said, you are either a Rest. Owner Or Slumlord, or possibly
              both, and an extremely unhappy person who is constantly looking to
              cash in on the Neighborhood & could careless about the residents, who
              are trying very hard to keep this Neighborhood together. You will never
              be satisfied in life, because you are one of those who are constantly
              looking for more.

      2. Salem St Guy, We all pick up the Trash, that does Not belong to us, and like I said

        I deal with the Facts. The Neighborhood is overcome by GREED.

          1. Oy Vey, Not my opinion only, ask the Boston Police. Wake up & smell the
            coffee, you have plenty of it.

        1. Bahaha again I find it so entertaining that you think everything that comes out of your mouth (or keyboard in this case) as “fact” not opinion. And actually I am neither a rest. owner or slum lord as I am actually a young professional. I am extremely happy and completely satisfied with my life thank-you very much, maybe you should look in the mirror as I am not the one constantly complaining. I just can’t stand the constant complaining of people, such as yourself. A fact would be the north end has more rest. per sq ft than most neighborhoods in boston which adds to the mystique of the neighborhood. It is entirely your opinion, which you are entiled to, that there is to many liq. licenses.

          1. Laughable, This is not just my opinion, you don’t get it. The complaints

            are facts, not lies, and as a young professional you should know the Police

            are complaining about people like Yourself. Trash has nothing to do with

            Noise, but Liquor Licenses do, and FYI there are a few bars in the

            Neighborhood that are not as expense as the Fine Dining Places in the

            No. End. and they have had problems. I can’t give you names, dates and

            places but maybe the Police can assist you. You seem like you are

            such a concerned resident, every word you wrote proves it.

            There is no Mystique about Trash, Vandalism & Noise and Rats running

            around the Neighborhood like House Pets.

            1. The problem is poorly managed apartment buildings, not a single group of people like college students, young professionals, or the so-called “life long residents.” Also, I find it interesting that the “life long residents” can apparently do no wrong, yet it is only because young professionals moved to the neighborhood that property values have soared. It was a slum beforehand. Have a little respect for the people that are the economic engine of the neighborhood. It is the lifelong residents who are those who own most of the poorly managed apartment buildings.

              This business about greed is plainly absurd. If you don’t like the neighborhood, you can talk with your feet and move to Medford.

              Frankly, I think the residents of this neighborhood actually hold back the area from prosperity. God forbid a restaurant serves liquor, a place wants outdoor seating, a a resident wants to add a roof deck or expand their rooftop head house, or an establishment wants to stay open until 2 a.m.. The anti-business mentality and fear-mongering about the untold criminal incidents is ridiculous and I’m not sure why you are on this crusade in the first place.

  5. I do agree that there is a misconception about cordials. I believe a “cordial” is defined by its sugar content, not its alcohol content. Some cordials are no less potent than whiskeys and gins.

  6. kind of unrelated but has anyone noticed how a lot of businesses have been leaving their trash/recycles in the streets more and more for overnight pickup blocking spaces and leaving a mess? you see it a lot on parmenter, salem and prince. the big green receptacles take up at least 5 spots on those streets a night. most of these places are owned and staffed by people who don’t live here – so what do they care?

    i’m willing to give reginas the benefit of the doubt here. they are a good business to have in the neighborhood and very rarely are their patrons causing a disturbance in the area after they leave (unlike the bars on cross and hanover).

  7. People aren’t going to Regina’s N End and standing in line for 30 minutes to get drunk. They’re going to get a few slices of famous, delicious pizza, then leave. It’ll be the same if they’re drinking a Sam Adams, a glass of Chianti, or a Raspberry Stoli and soda.

    And Concerned Abutter’s bullet point concerns, while possibly valid, have no relation to a cordial license

    1. Agreed. I really don’t think anyone is going to Reginas with the intention of getting drunk. If they want to do that they will go to Faneuil Hall.

  8. Bottom line, Regina’s needs to act a lot better. You want something, you better be treating people right. That’s all it is about.

    Once Regina’s gets it, and walks the walk for a while, maybe they can ask for a favor.

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