3 Replies to ““The Town” Shootout Video in North End

  1. same gunshot effects started in the fenway at 7:30 am when the Affleck movie shot by fenway park and on boylston for aweek. all the trucks were from out of state, although a few had some stickers saying Charlestown, Productions LCC for picking up 25% of the movie budget from Ma$$ taxpayers. in fact, i was probably paying 25% wages for the guy who told me I couldn’t walk on my own sidewalk. what a scam.

  2. I wish folks would realize the movie business is huge for boston. The revenue it brings, visibility and potential for future productions is great for beantown and mass as a whole. I know it’s inconvenient, but in the end it is the best thing for our economy. I’ve been involved with the movie and look forward to the productions scheduled in 2010.

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