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Saint Agrippina Feast 2012 – Sunday Grand Procession [Photos-Part 2]

The second part of the Saint Agrippina Grand Procession was interesting, to say the least. Everything was going great as shown in the part 1 photos, other than it being a very hot and humid day. Twenty men carried the extremely heavy statue of the saint through all the North End streets, stopping at the various businesses and residences while the bands were keeping everyone upbeat.

When the procession reached St. Anthony’s Club on Endicott Street, the heavens opened and pouring rain came down. After a short delay, it was a slip ‘n slide run back to the feast on Hanover Street. The street was too wet to do the traditional Tug of War (See last year’s Tug of War video.) But when the rain let up, the guys performed the “Dance of 20 Men” for the grateful crowd. At the end, the fiery “VIVA” fireworks sign lit up the feast.

Read more about the benefit society, feast and the history of Saint Agrippina Di Mineo at

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Enjoy the photos below from the second and final part of the Saint Agrippina Grand Procession. Make sure you scroll toward the end to see the night and final ceremony pictures.














































































Photos by Matt Conti

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