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NEAA Baseball: Sizing Up the Tigers versus Cubs

by Ralph Martignetti, Commissioner

With the season about one third of the way through, the pecking order of team strength is being established and it looks like the Cubs and Tigers are becoming a heated rivalry. The teams met for the second time this season and again both teams were ready play. Colman Shea who was nearly unhittable in the first meeting was touched up for two runs early when Kyle Bernardini scorched a laser beam to the gap in right center field. The young pitching staff of the Tigers were able to keep the Cubs off balance all game long as Fortunato D’Ampoli, Phil DiBlasi, Edward Ardolino and Evan Frechette pitched six solid innings allowing only three runs. Defensively, Richard Pagliuica for the Tigers was outstanding behind the plate while offensively DJ DiCenso had two hits and drove in three runs.

However, the play of the game was made by the Cubs defense. The Tiger’s spark plug Nick Seaver was on first and a ball was shot into the right field corner. Nick raced to second and then rounded third were he was waived on (this is when Nick decided to ease his helmet upward so the home town crowd could get a good look at his determined face) and after a fabulous relay which included John Paul Anderson and Brianna Campincharo, there was a tremendous slide, a massive cloud of dust and an umpire shout of “you’re out” roared through Langone Park.

The Cubs continue to improve with both DelPeschia’a girls being important factors along with their many other young players. Although the Tiger’s bested the Cubs for the second time players for both teams are anxiously awaiting their next game.