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Armenian Heritage Park Dedication on May 22, 2012

A dedication has been scheduled for the opening of the Armenian Heritage Park on May 22, 2012 at 11:00 am. Details below in the release from the Armenian Heritage Foundation.
Armenian Heritage Park May 2012 by John Soursourian
Dedication Ceremony is Tuesday, May 22 at 11am

Armenian Heritage Park is located on Parcel 13 on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Boston between Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Christopher Columbus Park.

Consistent with the key themes of the Greenway to acknowledge the history of Boston as a port of entry for immigrants worldwide, Armenian Heritage Park celebrates the immigrant experience and those who have migrated to Massachusetts shores, contributing to the richness of American life and culture, and commemorates lives lost during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 and all genocide that have followed.

Designed to engage children and adults, Armenian Heritage Park consists of two key features surrounded by seating and landscaping.

The Labyrinth, a circular winding path paved in granite set in lawn, celebrates life’s journey. A single jet of water and the symbol of eternity mark its center, representing hope and rebirth. Art, Service, Science and Commerce are etched around its circle in tribute to accomplishments and contributions made.

The Abstract Sculpture, a split dodecahedron mounted above a reflecting pool, commemorates the immigrant experience. The waters from the reflecting pool wash over its sides and re-emerge as a single jet of water at the center of the Labyrinth.

Annually, the Sculpture will be reconfigured, symbolic of the immigrant experience and all who left their countries of origin and came to our Massachusetts shores, establishing themselves in new and different ways. The Sculpture is dedicated to lives lost during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 and all genocides that have followed.

Plantings include shade and ornamental trees, shrubs, groundcover and perennials to provide seasonal interest.

Endowed funds support the Park’s ongoing care and maintenance, annual reconfiguration of the sculpture, and public programs including the annual Najarian Lecture on Human Rights at Faneuil Hall.

A gift to the City of Boston and the Commonwealth from Massachusetts Armenian-Americans, Armenian Heritage Park has been funded by the generous support of individuals and organizations. The Park and its endowed funds are a key initiative of the Armenian Heritage Foundation comprised of representatives from 37 Armenian-American churches and organizations within Massachusetts.

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Photo by John Soursourian