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“Kitchen Nightmares” Shares Filming Plans With Neighborhood Council (Video)

A representative from the Fox TV production, “Kitchen Nightmares,” also known as Upper Ground Enterprises spoke at Monday’s North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting regarding its plans for filming at La Galleria 33. The production will be located on Salem and Cooper streets from May 16 – 22, 2012.

Watch the video for more information. Residents seeking replacement parking should visit the production early in the day (they start at 7am) for available vouchers good at the Pilgrim lot on Cooper Street.

Questions or complaints can be reported to the production at 323-556-3888 (L.A.) or 323-834-9776 (Boston). Ask for Jackie.

One Reply to ““Kitchen Nightmares” Shares Filming Plans With Neighborhood Council (Video)

  1. Well apparently the big speech she gave in front of the board was not followed accordingly. We parked our car in one of those spots Thursday night with NO signs posted where we were parked. As a result the car was towed. Towed to East Boston that cost $150 and then ticket for another $75. When I called the number listed above the same person was not empathetic at all and even questioned if we really parked there Thursday night. Bunch of garbage, they shouldn't be taping in this neighborhood if they are going to affect the residents living her to this degree.

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