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Wasted Space – How do we improve this intersection?

I’m referring to what is, arguably, one of the most trafficked and busy intersections in the North End: Salem and Parmenter Streets.

The open area owned by the city is currently an eyesore and collection point for trash from several neighboring buildings in clear violation of trash rules, and constant truck parking in clear violation of parking rules. Why not make it into something beautiful, or at least less unattractive?

For starters, the area could easily be curbed in to improve runoff (it currently funnels water from the whole general area before creating a river that runs down Bartlett Place) and prevent parking, or at a minimum, bollards could be installed as they recently were at 61 Prince Street next to the Nazzaro Center. Once the area was kept clear and clean, further improvements (planters, trees, benches, etc. – there are several possible relatively inexpensive options) could be planned and executed upon to make it into a small oasis amid the general crowding that our great neighborhood has a little too much of. The timing of this type of work would seem especially good given the plans to re-pave Salem Street once the sewer work is completed this spring.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with other residents, neighborhood councils or city officials toward this end and I’m certain that many of my neighbors would do so as well. We would appreciate some guidance on how to start working toward this goal.

-Mark Bernier

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2 Replies to “Wasted Space – How do we improve this intersection?

  1. This is an excellent idea. I suggest bringing your ideas before NEWRA for open discussion. You might get some volunteers to help you that way.

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