Neighborhood Council Meeting Agenda for February 13, 2012


Monday, February 13, 2012, 7:00PM
Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet St.

1.    Welcome – Donna Freni, President

2.    Call to order & Roll Call – Donna Freni, President

3.    Meeting Protocol – Marie Simboli, Vice President

4.    Report from the Office of Neighborhood Services – Nicole Leo

5.    Report from the offices of local elected officials

6.    Committee reports:

a. Resident Parking/Traffic Committee – Ryan Kenny
b. Public Safety Committee – David Marx
c. Bylaws Committee – Ryan Kenny
d. Greenway Committee – Donna Freni

7.  9 Noyes Place:  Robert Griffin has filed an application with the Zoning Board of Appeal for zoning variance to expand 1st floor unit living space into the basement.

8.  139-145 Richmond Street (aka 188 North Street):  David P.Veo, Trustee of Salada Realty Trust, has filed an application with the Zoning Board of Appeal to allow the conversion of existing retail space to a sandwich shop, and for a 36A take-out permit to allow take-out service at this location.

9. 396 Hanover Street, formerly Contrada’s Coffee Shop:  Daniel Delia and Ralph Verrocchi d/b/a ”My Cousins Place,” have filed an application with the Zoning Board of Appeal to change the allowed use from “store with take-out” to “restaurant with take-out,” to remove the existing proviso“take-out service to this petitioner only,” and to grant a new 36A take-out to new business owner.  They have also filed an application with the Licensing Board for a 7-day CV license.

10. 236 Hanover Street, Lucca Restaurant:  Lucca Restaurant has filed an application with the City of Boston Transportation Department for a valet parking permit.

11.  Announcements/Open Discussion/Comments.