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Bread Baking in the North End – A Series

The true night owls of the North End are the bread bakers that fill the restaurants’ breadbaskets and also sell bread (and more) to residents and visitors through their neighborhood retail shops. Revealing the dough story, from old to new, is’s Nicola Orichula who publishes a 4-part series on the people behind the North End bread bakeries. The series includes Parziale’s Bakery, Bricco Panetteria, Boschetto Bakery, Bova’s & Sons and Bricco Panetteria.

Parziale’s Bakery

Augustine "Augie" Parziale ( photo)

The Parziales have been baking bread in Boston since 1907, when Giuseppe “Joe” Parziale came from Italy with his wife Anna and opened a small bakery on Charter Street. Many things in the neighborhood have changed since then, including the bakery’s address — which is now 80 Prince Street — but the Parziale family still churns out crunchy loaves of Bastone just like it did back in the day. Read the full article at

Bricco Panetteria – Next to 241 Hanover St.

Bricco Panetteria - Bakers Ben Tuck (right) and Sergio Oliveira ( photo)

“We do everything in-house,” says long-time North End restauranteur Frank DePasquale, “except for our own linen. What we were missing, though, was a bakery that could provide bread for all our restaurants. Now Bricco Panetteria serves that purpose, and it also provides bread for people stopping by wanting to buy it.” Buying bread at Bricco Panetteria adds the value of actually seeing where and how the bread is made, as the one room environment provides the opportunity to take in all the essence and magic of bread making. Read the full article at

Boschetto Bakery – 158 Salem St.

Boschetto Bakery opens its door at 7 a.m., owner and head baker Bartolomeo De Stefano takes off his work clothes and makes his way back home after a long night of work. “My entire life, I have never worked during the day,” says Bart, who has owned the bakery on 158 Salem Street for over 10 years. The bakery has been on the site making bread and cookies for over 110 years. Read the full article at

Bova’s & Sons Bakery – 132 Salem St.

Bova's Bakery, opened in 1932 ( photo)

Maintaining a family business for 80 years isn’t simple. It’s even harder if there are three different owners. The Bova family, though, has devised a system that has been working ever since the bakery was split up among three sons of Antonio Bova, the founder of Bova’s & Sons on the corner of Salem and Prince streets. Read the full article at

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