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Photo: Frank, Dean & Sammy Come to the Freedom Trail on Cross Street

If you have walked along the Freedom Trail traversing Cross Street plaza at the “Gateway of the North End,” you have undoubtedly seen three new life-size figures of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. from the famous “Rat Pack.” The theme picks up on Nick’s Famous Deli, that put out the figures.

I caught this scene on the same night while photographing the Christmas tree recently installed by the new North End Beautification Committee. Someone mentioned to me a while ago that the brick pedestrian plaza would be a nice location for a fountain. With the Rat Pack already there, it made me think maybe the famous Vegas Bellagio Fountains are next!

9 Replies to “Photo: Frank, Dean & Sammy Come to the Freedom Trail on Cross Street

  1. of course they are tacky! it's a nick varano establishment. did you know he met the soprano's cast?

  2. @ne rez….so what if he met the cast of the sopranos?they are just actors …pretty much like every other actor who dines in the northend. jealous?

  3. @ne rez…sarcasm does not translate in print. Until someone invents a sarcasm font…you might want to indicate you are trying to be sarcastic. Other wise you sound like any other jerk who makes the "all Italians are mafiosa" stereotypical remarks.

  4. ne rez didn't make any "all Italians are mafiosa" remark…It appears he was commenting on the multitude of photos inside and outside of Strega with Mr. Varano and the Sopranos cast. I found it humorous…

  5. @Frances…unless you are ne rez….how to you know what was he(or she) was commenting about or meant by the remark about the Sopranos? This is not the first time that ne rez has made this type of remark. Sarcasm really doesn;t translate into print so what this person claims was a sarcastic remark comes across as a stereoptypical remark. Glad you were found it humorous. Other people did not.

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