Caffe Graffiti (64 Cross Street) presented to NEWRA’s Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee in order to add outdoor patio service to its existing indoor malt, wine & cordials license. Luigi DeMarco attended with his attorney on Tuesday, April 28, 2010. The application was already approved at the April 14th Licensing Board hearing where a temporary license was granted, subject to the neighborhood meetings. The ZLC meeting is for informational purposes only. A vote will take place at the May 13th NEWRA monthly meeting and the May 10th NEWNC meeting.

Caffe Graffiti’s Luigi DeMarco (left) and his attorney present to NEWRA’s ZLC Committee.
Caffe Graffiti’s Luigi DeMarco (left) and his attorney present to NEWRA’s ZLC Committee.

Highlights from the presentation:

  • Hours of operation for the patio will be 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. The closing hour was determined to be 11:00 pm at the Licensing Board hearing, consistent with most outdoor patios in the city. The inside closing hour is 12 midnight.
  • There will be 36 chairs with square tables.
  • The perimeter will be sectioned off with flower planter boxes leaving about 3 feet from the Freedom Trail line.
  • An awning will provide shade.

Comments from the committee and public attendees:

  • NEWRA Vice-President, Stephanie Hogue, considered whether NEWRA’s vote should be conditioned on other issues regarding Cross Street plaza. The applicant responded that they don’t have control over what the City/BRA, MassDOT or other businesses do on the remainder of the plaza.
  • ZLC Co-Chair David Kubiak asked the applicant to send neighbor notifications in advance of the May 13th NEWRA monthly meeting. Kubiak said the license amendment should be separate from the other Cross Street plaza issues.
  • I stated my support for the application, clarifying a recent Boston Globe article.
  • Dorothy Keville asked about smoking. Luigi said that despite being a smoker himself, the patio will not have smoking.


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  1. Smoking is not permitted in outdoor dining areas in Boston.

    Guess that will give your lungs more room to suck in the exhaust from the traffic on Cross St.

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